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Wednesday, April 06, 2005

A view of my recent "hangout"

My nurse, Lisa, doing her comedy routine while administering massive quantities of chemicals!

I thought you all would like to see what a I.V. lab looks like. I know they're a little fuzzy, but I took them on the sly, and so that's what you get!

I'm back, and feeling alittle woozy. But at least it's over! Dr. said he's very proud of how well I've done, and that with the radiation, I should be totally cured! Of course, my blood levels have finally hit the low ebb, so I got my Procrit shot, along with my Chemo. Now I'm in the "home stretch"! WOO HOO! I'm just gonna take it easy for the next couple of days, and then next week, I meet with the radiation dr. to get that started! I saw my primary dr. today too, and he was amazed that I looked so well, concidering. I guess that means I do, huh!?
I did some shopping after Chemo, because it's exactly 11 years ago today that my buddy, Dude, And fellow Lep Fan was born!

Happy Birthday, Andrew Donald Fine!! You rock my world! I Love you Dude!!!!

well, I'm gonna go lay down, and snooze off some of these drugs. I'll catch you all later, once they settle down and quit giving me a case of the "dizzies!" Love and Peace you all! KC

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