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Monday, April 04, 2005

Well, here we go again. Another week. Although I officially started yesterday, working 9am to 6 pm. My legs and feet really hurt last night, after 9 hours and no decent breaks. I'll really be glad when this crap is all over.
Speaking of which, this Weds. is my LAST CHEMO!! At least, that's the plan-providing all my subsequent tests turn out ok. I'll be having some radiation treatments, but those are not supposed to be that bad, just a little skin irritation. So after all the rest, those should be a breeze. And then just reconstructive surgery, to get me back to "normal". I'm the most worried about the tests. If they show any problems, I'm back to square 1. So a few crossed fingers would not be amiss ;-)
I talked to "major Tom" yesterday, and we are gonna go without a Senior Tech for a while. He feels that the crew works so well as a unit, we really don't need one. Truthfully, I think he's right. Giving someone that position could cause strife, and while the pay would be nice, I'd rather keep the peace. So that's how it's gonna go for now.
I really appreciate all your suggestions for Andy's B-day! I called the local bowling alley, and unfortunately, they're all booked for this coming weekend. So I think we'll just do the "movie" thing. Unless something better comes up in the meantime. At least I can give him the one present he wants- which is an I.O.U. for concert tickets ;-). I just hope Chris Rhodes wasn't "yanking my chain" about the situation. But seriously, the Leps haven't missed FL since '81, so the chances of them doing so now does seem a bit pessimistic!
I also found a website that has what I've wanted for some time now. I can order ( what I call) car window graphics. For $50, I can finally have what I want for my car windows: on the front-- "It's better to burn out.....", and on the back-- "Than fade away!!!!...." Crazy? No, I've dreamed of having that on my car for YEARS now, and I'm finally gonna do it. Hubby will no doubt just shake his head, or roll his eyes. But it's my car, damn it! So I'll put on it what I want! Right friends??!!!
Well, I'm due in at 10am, and I still have to make my lunch. I'll catch you all this evening! Peace and Love, KC

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