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Thursday, May 05, 2005

Another day.....
And I work the night shift. So I've been playing around on this all morning. ( well, that and cleaning up after the family!)
I found a couple of countdown programs, but I couldn't make them work to my satisfaction, so tomorrow I'll keep looking. And I am still having problems with the whole "blinkie" thing. If I try to download them directly from the website their on to photobucket, it doesn't work. And If I try to download them to my pictures, it reformats them to bitmp's! So they don't blink when they get transfered. And this thing won't let me change that. So I'm obviously doing something wrong- but I'm not sure what?! Oh well, tomorrow's another day!
Work yesterday ( thank goodness!) was a lot better. And Devon is soo funny! She asked me what you wear to a DL concert. She's been into hip-hop and rap for awhile, and this is probably the first rock concert she's been to in years! So this it going to be fun! She also asked if she would be the youngest person there ( aside from Andy lol). I told her that all ages go to see the Leps, so I hope she feels better about it!
My chest is feeling a bit better, but it's still not fun to "get dressed" in the morning! I just hope the treatments don't mess up my skin too much. Me going braless is not a pretty sight right now!!! And I won't be done with them until the week of the concert, if not later. Which means I may have to "delay" the family vacation. Which in a word- SUCKS! But my health comes first, so unfortunately, that may be it on the subject. The kids will be disapointed though, they've really been looking forward to it.
If we don't go, I'll have other plans for the monies. They just leveled the vacant lot behind my house, so as to build a new one. Which means the "privacy" I've had in my back yard will be gone soon. So maybe a fence would be a good investment. I'll have to talk it over with Jon though.
Well, it's about time for me to get dressed, and get out of here. I hope that "major Tom" is closing tonight- that way, if my feet and legs are still hurting, I might get out early. I'll catch you all tomorrow! Peace and Love to all! KC

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