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Sunday, May 22, 2005

Happy Sunday!
And here I am, ready to ruin your lunches! Warning: this post is not for the faint of heart, or weak of stomach! ( hehehehe!) Now before I gag you, let me tell you that when I tried these on again, they were both fairly comfortable. So I must have been "bloated" on the day I was shopping. Anywho- you all know what I mean. I just need your HONEST opinions on which one you like best ( the dresses, not the person within) I will be getting a hat, and sandals to go with whichever one I finally decide on. But until I make said decision, I couldn't do that. You all can also see that my hair is trying to make a come-back, albet slooooooowwly! Well, don't say you weren't warned:

And the other one

I'll leave this up for a day or so, so that you all can get a good laugh, and a chance to say your peace. And please don't give me the "don't put yourself down" speach. Dealing with things that upset me with humor is the key to my sanity! But if I find the above pictures on any of your dart boards.................. ;-)

Anyway, Kimmie is screaming her head off in the livingroom, I spent all day Friday cleaning , and Kimmie has trashed it once again. So big sister is out there with a garbage bag, trying to make a point. I think it's working, but then again- we've done this before, and Kimmie still trashes any room she's in. **sigh**. One can only hope.
And Andy went through a "rite of passage" alittle while ago. Dad has taught him how to work the lawnmower. ( something Jon has dreamt about since Andy was born- no doubt!) He only did the front lawn, Jon is finishing the yard as I type this. But I know Dad is dreaming of the day he can pass this particular job over in it's entirety. I can see it in his eyes, shades of that famous phrase from a movie I subject him to frequently--- FREEDOM!!!
Well, I have my usual pile of laundry, and a kitchen floor that needs a good scrubbing. I check back later to see if any of you have stopped laughing long enough to type a comment or two. No really- I mean it! I do not have my tongue in my cheek, it's just a, uh, well, darn it, I thought is was a piece of apple, really! ( lalalalalala hehehehehe!!!!)
Peace and Love, KC :-)

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