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Saturday, May 07, 2005

I did it!!!!!!!

I was so flippin' frustrated with the whole "gif" thing, I ended up on the Microsoft web forums. And everything they said to do, I had done already. So I registered and asked. And they gave me some new program, and some steps-- And it worked. So now I have my "gif.'s" back, and I know how to keep them. My thanks to Jude and Kim, who tried their best to help me. This one was obviously out of all of our leagues. Do you believe it was my temporary internet files that was stopping it?? Who'd've thunk it? Oh well- live and learn!
I made the mistake of going to Barnes & Nobles again today. $60 later, Becky has 3 more Anne Rice books, and I have the 2 Dark Hunter books I haven't read yet. Along with a "how-to" book on html, that should teach me more about this "personal confuser" that I'm always bitching about. Now, the next step- the graphics software Kim sent me! I'm going to try and make one for a T-shirt that I was gonna buy, but I'd rather make myself. You know- the one's that say "Cancer Sucks"? I so want one of those- I've earned one, don't you think??? :-)
Well, I'd best get off here- I've been working on the fix all morning ( I had ALOT of files to delete!). Off to the BIL's house tonight, and then tomorrow is Mother's day! So I may, or may not be here. If not, I wish each of you and yours
Happy Mother's Day
Peace and Love, KC!!
P.S.- Oh, and my computer is running so smoothly- it's downright scary!! I must have had a TON of junk on here, and didn't even know it!

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