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Sunday, May 01, 2005

I have a new addiction!
I picked up a book 2 weeks ago by Sherrilyn Kenyon. It's a "Dark Hunter" novel called "Night Embrace". OMFG! What a great read! It's all about humans, dark-hunters ( which are sort of like Vampires, only they don't drink blood, but destroy all the dark daemons that roam at night) This book was so good, when I went shopping friday, I bought 3 more. They're romance, mystery, and a lot more! I swear, I've read 2 of them this weekend! I put a link to the website on my sidebar. If your interested, get one- you won't be sorry!!
As for that shopping trip, aside from the books, I got a shirt/camisole set that should be really good for the concert. And 1 new sweater/shirt. But everything I liked was just more than I wanted to pay, so I'll have to go try again sometime. At least I didn't come home completely empty-handed!I also found a pair of clog-sandals that I really wanted, but not in my size. Time to surf the 'net for them! I had a pair just like them way back when ( which, in my Mom's words- I wore "ad-nauseam" ) And they were so comfortable. Hope I can find them somewhere!
Other than that, the Dr. visit went well. I am done with the "prep work" for my reconstrutive surgery. He said I should call back when my radiation therapy is done, and we can get that set up. He couldn't understand why they were putting me through radiation though, since, in his words-"they got it all with the surgery". I don't know. On the one hand, I would really just like to skip this part and be DONE! On the other, if there is any chance of just one cancer cell remaining, and radiation can get it- * SIGH *! So I guess I'll just buck-up and handle it.
And bummer of the weekend- I broke my new cellphone! SHIT! I was at my BIL's as usual last night, and dropped it. Since their house is under remodel, their floors are the bare concrete, and I must have done it then. So sometime this week, I will have to shell out major $$$ to get it replaced. I just got the darn thing last August, and I don't qualify for a "replacement" through Cingular for another year yet! CRAP! So much for saving money this pay.
And with that, it's off to the laundry again ( don't I sound like a broken record? I swear,I must do 15 loads a week easy, and that's not including Becky's since she does her own!!) If Hubby would win the Lotto, the first thing I'd get is a MAID!!
Have a good Sunday all- I'll catch you later! Peace and Love, KC!
P.S. to those whom this applies- Blessed Beltane!!!!!!!!

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