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Thursday, May 26, 2005

I'm Back!
Am I glowing yet?????? Jeez, I had 5 techs and Dr. S. in the room with me this morning, checking to make sure they've been doing my treatments correctly. After 10 days??!!! I was a little intimidated though, since I'm laid out on this table, stripped to the waist! And one thing I may/may not have told you all. Since these treatments are really harsh on the skin, I'm not allowed to have anything with alchohol touch my skin. Which includes deoderant!!! I'm stuck useing cornstarch baby powder, and baking soda for the duration. Now, that's not normally too bad, but these people raise the table up in such a way that in order to "line me up", they have to lean over me- right by my armpits! I would worry, except at least my appointment is in the early morning, before the temp's get too high around here. We've been in the 90's for the last week, and it's only going to get worse from now until October. Bleh! Summer's here all right!
The kids are out of school now, which means I leave the 2 oldest "home alone". I'm not worried too much about it, but the house looks like a bomb hit it already! Becky tried to help- she cleaned the kitchen yesterday. But it's the livingroom that needs the most help. Gamecube controllers, 15 empty glasses sitting around ( and they ar not allowed to have friends IN the house while we're not there- so it's all them!) shoes, shirts, books etc. everywhere! I know what I'm going to be doing on my Friday's now ( instead of "relaxing/surfing) ! At least the worst culprit ( Kimmie) is still in daycare, or I might as well just torch the place!!!
I tried to stay up last night to hear our guys on Rockline. I really did! But I only managed to listen until about 12:30, and then I was falling asleep on my keyboard. So I signed off and went to bed. I hope someone somewhere posts a copy of the interview like last time. They sounded really good though! I can't wait to see their spot on the "Today" show tomorrow! I have to DVR it, as they will probably be on while I'm at therapy. And then I made an appointment to get the car looked over for our vacation ( and my trip to Kissimmee!) so I probably won't be home until lunch. Then I'm going to watch/tape all the stuff I have DVR'ed of theirs, along with what I already have on that tape ( their interviews on VH1 classic from last year, and Joe's interview from the ovation channel) When the tape is filled up, I'll take it to my store, and have them put it all on a DVD. I'll let you all know when it's done, so you can place your orders ( ;-) ).
Well, I'm on the night shift today, so I'll go get some rest now. I may have to work on Monday, they haven't decided. The "schedule-jerk" at work put 3 of us on shift! We really only need 1 tech on duty on a holiday. Especially when all the Dr.s' offices in town will be closed. But WHO gets the shift has not been decided. I'll do it, since I will be away for the 4th, but we want to let one of the girls that normally don't get many hours first "dibbs" on the extra time, if they want. So I may not know for sure until Saturday. But as I said, I'll work it, since it is technically "my turn". And I'll be working with "Major Tom" which is always a hoot!
So I'll leave you all to your day- Make it a good one! Peace and Love, KC

P.S.- I've been watching the last hour of the Today show this morning, and they've mentioned DL about 10 times! And they all seem really excited about it! Al Roker even said " DL, WOW! They'll come to see Def Leppard, and maybe stay for Brian Adams"- I knew I loved that guy! ;-)

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