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Tuesday, May 24, 2005

The machine that is my "friend" for the next 4 weeks! For those who wish to know, I get laid out there , with my arms above my head. The big round part on top then moves around me, and shoots radiation at the various points already mapped out by the technicians. It only take about 10 minutes, but it's every morning until all treatments are done. Which by my calculations will actually be June 18th! So I will have a lot to celebrate at that concert I'm going to!!! Oh boy, those Leps are gonna hear ME roar! lol!!!!
Well, I guess it's the purple dress for me! Thank you for all your opinions- I really appreciate your input. I'm not really good at deciding what looks right on me, I'm always thinking I could do better. Or at least look better in something. I will probably post a pic of the "whole" thing, but that will wait until the wedding day. I'd like to get one of the whole family- you all would like to see that, right? That way, you can put a "face" with the names I tell you about.
Work is going so much better, now that we have the intern helping out. Paige is a great girl, and since she's a 2nd year pharmacy school student, she's kind-of like having a 2nd pharmacist on board. And she gets along with all of us " crazy people", which helps as well!
I have to leave early tomorrow, to treatments and then straight to work. As I don't want to miss a special occasion ( and this is one!) I leave you all with this:

Happy 21st Birthday, Oh Studly Knight! May your day be filled with Laughter, Song and Happiness!
Love to you from one of your "Lep Hags" ( and DAMN proud of it! ) {{{{{HUG}}}}}
Have a great Wednesday to the rest of you! Peace and Love, KC

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