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Monday, May 16, 2005

Monday Blahs!
And another weekend, shot! I swear, is it me, or are they getting shorter???
Becky and I both got our "wedding outfits" yesterday. Well, actually- I got 2 dresses. I'm not really sure which one I'm going to keep/wear though. The one, while it fits fine, and is comfortable, is a color which I'm not sure I like. Becky calls it "Pepto-Bismol" pink. Actually, the pattern is large pink flowers. The other dress is Lilac flowers ( actually it's a skirt/shirt combo) and while it's color is nicer, the fit is not as "comfortable". I don't know. Maybe I'll take Rhonda's advice, and post a pic of me in each outfit, and get you all to give me an opinion. But I'm not real happy with how I look right now. Not because of being "lop-sided"(that is not a biggie to me- go figure!). But due to the chemo- and my lack of energy- I've gained about 15 lbs. Which I know is only temporary. As soon as all this is done, I intend to get into an excercise routine and drop the weight.( Hubby says he doesn't want me do get started on all that until I'm "back to normal" so I don't wear myself down anymore than I am already). But right now I feel like a "stuffed sausage" in my clothes. That and a lack of hair really doesn't do much for my ego at the moment. BLAH! I'll get over it!
And last week we had a change in management. The Executive assistant manager we had, that did the scheduling, has been moved. And the new guy we have is a horse's arse! Now, let me explain- Our scheduling is done mostly via a computer program. We put in our availablity, and then he's supposed to work with that info to make the schedule. Well, he totally IGNORED everyone's stuff. He had me opening ( 8am) 3 days this week. I have radiation at 8:45 everyday, and had put in there that I couldn't be scheduled before 9:30am. And he had to OVERRIDE the system everytime to do this!!! And I'm not the only one he did this to. Not ONE PERSON in the pharmacy was schedule properly!! Devon was scheduled when she had classes, others at night when they couldn't work- you all get the idea. So Tom and I went to the store manager, and explained to him the problem. Long story short, he and I will be doing our schedule from now on. And when he was informed of his "mistakes" - he just looked at us like we were a big pain in HIS arse!??? We've pretty much had our weekly schedules fixed for months now, and it worked just fine. Now he comes along and changed it totally around? What is that saying?- if it ain't broke, don't fix it???? BLAH!
So now I'm off for the next few minutes, to microsoft works, and make a blank to work the schedule on. So in the future, I and my co-workers can make our own schedule. We do so much better collectively that this one idiot can do by himself. HRUMPF!
Have a great day friends! Peace and love, KC

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