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Tuesday, May 10, 2005

My Mother's day flowers.

I also got a cake. But not a "mothers day" cake as such. Our local grocery store ( Publix) has started to make "gourmet" foods in their bakery, and this one is a killer. It's a cheesecake, covered with strawberries, and heavily dribbled with chocolate! YUMMMMY! I swear, you could put on 10 pounds just looking at the thing! And here I am, trying to lose weight lol !
Anywho, yesterday, thankfully was a lot less stressful than last week. Not that we had more help, but the worst is over for this month at least. And we got word that we will have an Intern working with us this summer, along with Devon being able to work more hours. So if we can last the next 2 weeks, all should be better.
I also mentioned the fact that I may have to "postpone" or cancel the family vacation. I just had a hard time justifying going on vacation for 10 days, then coming back, only to go out for a couple of weeks for surgery. But Major Tom assured me that it was OK, and that he would do both if he were in my shoes. And when I mentioned that money might be a problem ( I just got a bill for my treatments that was over $300!- that I didn't expect!) He immediately offered a loan!? Not that I took it mind- I have a hard time taking them from my own mother, let alone my BOSS!!
But I will if push comes to shove. Because the family now is SOOOOO looking forward to this, that to let them down would just break my heart. I'd rather deal with my sometimes ridiculous pride, than to do that to them. And they've put up with so much with me this year- they could use the "treat".
Just a few more things. I had a wonderful chat with Jude last Friday ( Hi!!!!) And I hope I can do that more in the future. Kim- get a head set with a mic, and join in the fun! Anyone else that wants, just e-mail me and I'll give you my MSN messenger handle. God, it sounded like she was sitting with me in the same room, not thousands of miles away!
I'm off tomorrow, and have my first radiation treatment around noon. So I'll be back tomorrow afternoon, and let you all know how it went. And hopefully I can find a dress to wear to my nephew's wedding in 3 weeks. None of the stuff I have will work, and half of them don't fit right now anyway.
Oh well, better get dressed for work. You all have a great Tuesday! Peace and Love, KC

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