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Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Ready, Aim FIRE!!!!
Well, I went to the cancer center yesterday to get "set-up" for my treatments. This involved a CT scan, and getting fitted with a mold, that I/they will use for me to lay on, so I am properly positioned during treatments. Now, along with all that, they placed these things that looked like the little discs they use for EKG's ? on my skin, to "outline" the area that needs the work. Not too bad, but then they needed to mark these spots- so she TATTOOED the spots on my skin!!!!! 12 in total, all around the "offending" breast! OUCH! Had I known that- well at least I'd've been prepared for the pain. Now, I'm not squeamish, and have been told I have a high threshold for pain. But remember- This is the area that's been cut, stretched, and generally abused for the last 8 months! I laid on that table, with the tears rolling down. She was so nice about it though, she did what she could to ease the pain, but still.........! Oh and she also had to mark my body with marker on the sides and center of my chest with X's, which I cannot wash off! They're now covered with Tegraderm ( a type of clear surgical bandage) . Should make my showers something of a trial for the next 5 weeks or so! And don't ask about how my bra feels on all those tattoo'd spots! HRUMPH!
Work has been a real PITA this week. We've been unusually busy, and add in the "staff-shortage" and I'm just exhausted! My legs have been aching for 3 days now, with no sign of relief. I have Friday off, and I swear- I'm gonna stay seated for the entire day ( probably playing on this thing lol )! Major Tom called the district office yesterday asking them to find us more help. He told them that he couldn't keep working us the way we were, that Sabrina and I were going to burn out before long. And she just had a cyst in HER breast break monday, so she's got health issues as well. I just hope they find someone- cause I'd hate to get to the point that the Dr pulls me back out of work- then where will they be????? SIGH. Any one know any Pharmacy techs that need a job???
On the up side, I just pre-ordered "Rock of Ages" off DL's website. They are giving away 5 signed bats, and 5 signed copies. Not that I'll win one- I never win anything. But I will get it on the release date, so it's all good. I have to get to work here shortly, but I just wanted to let you all know what was happening here. I see Devon today, so we'll have to plan when we are leaving for Kissimmee, since they're trying to arrange a "get-together" on the OF. Should be a good time, and as a certain drummer we all know say's :
Have a good time, All of the time!
Have a great day! I'll check back later- Peace and Love to all! KC

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