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Thursday, May 19, 2005

I know, I haven't been around the last few days. But between work, and radiation therapy, there just hasn't been time. I've come home every night, with about enough energy to eat, clean and sleep. So I apologize for not "dropping by"- I'll try not to let that happen again!
Treatments are going well. No side affects as of yet ( although my lack of energy is something Dr. S said is part of it) . I have had some customers who have been through it giving me their "horror" stories lately. Open sores, skin so dry it cracked, all kinds of fun stuff. But I'm doing everything I can to avoid the pit-falls. I can't see me "rocking out" at the concert, if I have any problems in that respect, can you???
And the schedule problem has been cleared up ( thank goodness!) We now do our own, and he just "approves" it. So all is peaceful at work again.
I got my "Rock of Ages" CD delivered Tues. am, right before I left from work. And I think I've already worn out "No Matter What"! If this is what the covers album is going to be like- I can't wait!!! I also got that T-shirt I ordered in the mail yesterday:

And a "close-up" of the graphics:

Now I know, this is not a "family friendly" T-shirt. But it says how I feel about the last 8 months of my life! And even Jon, who is not really big on "novelty" shirts said he liked it. Andy, the 11 yr old, who is the diplomatic one in the family said " well actually, I agree!" ( he knows better that to use THAT word out loud!) . I'm still thinking that I'm going to wear it to the concert. It will more than explain my lack of hair, and perhaps help me dodge the questions about it!
I'll get Becky to take pictures this weekend of me in the 2 dresses, and get them up for your opinions. I'm leaning to the pink one, only for the comfort. But I'd still like to hear from you all. I know that if one sucks- you'll say it! Unlike the hubby, who'll be very polite, and say he likes them both.
I don't go in until 2pm today, and close tonight. So I'm gonna surf around a bit, and catch up with you all! And I'm off tomorrow, so if anyone wants to chat- just holler! Have a great day!
Peace and Love, KC

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