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Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Well, another day....
Not much to say as of yet. I go to radiation at noon, then out again shopping for that darn dress!
I did find a baseball-style T-shirt to buy on-line, instead of making my own. It says " Fuck Cancer- do not go gentle into that good night". The "fuck cancer" part is in a chinese font type, and the saying is imblazened on top of a big pink ribbon. Now, that's a t-shirt I can wear lol! I might even wear it to the DL concert, it would help explain my "lack" of hair anyway! Just don't wear it around Mom, right?!
I've decided not to cancel the vacation. I'll work on the finances, and if I absolutely have to , I'll ask Tom for a loan. Not that I want to, but you all are right. We do really need it. I just can't lay one more disappointment on my kids right now. They're just starting to get their feet under them from all this crap I've put them through. So I'll work it out somehow.
One other thing- Andy made me something ( cause I really don't know what it is-bowl? Dish? ashtray? ) in art class. It's black, with orange lettering that says "Def Leppard Rocks!!" around the sides and top. Now, am I bringing that boy up right, or not? All Becky said was "what a suck-up". Little does she realize how well it works.
Well, wish me luck! Both with the radiation, and the dress. I'll try and stop by later- if I can kick Hubby off this thing! Peace all! KC

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