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Thursday, June 23, 2005

Caution- EYE CANDY ALERT!!!!

Ok, maybe one more???

HaHa! Well, at least I managed to "salvage" a few more. And I go today to get a disc made from Andy's prints. I don't know if I'll get any more, but hey- it's worth a shot!
A fe bits of good news ( well for me, anywho!) First, we have a new manager at our store. Mr. P. seems to be a really nice guy! Thankfully, since our last 2 managers were less than stellar people. He's the type that believes that a happy crew, makes better workers. Now, I know that that seems like a "DUH" to most, but the last few managers we've had couldn't have given a hoot what we wanted/needed. It was their way- or the highway. I was probably the only person that got any kind of concideration- and I had to get CANCER to receive it!!! ( I heard that even with that, Major Tom had to get in his face to get my disability paperwork filed. And call the district office on him!!) Mr. P., on the otherhand, is already talking to everyone. Getting to know us all, about our families, lives and such. So ( his words) he can make work as pleasant as he can for all of us! Oh, and did I mention that he's a drummer? And guess who his favorite is???!! He just about died when he'd heard where I was last week! I think that's why he was so helpful about Andy's pics. He wants copies of all the good ones! Needless to say he's already earned some "brownie points" with me.
Oh and while I was leaving work last night, I got a call from Scar. Seems he has 2 tickets to the Hollywood, FL. show with my name on them!!! They're steep- $180. But I'm going! Because at the end of the day, I don't care. I'll work some overtime. Kiss hubbies butt. Whatever! But this is the first time that I will be able to see more than one show in a tour- AND I'M DOING IT! I just have to figure out where to stay down there. I'd love to stay at the Hard Rock, but a room there is going for $200 a night! Too rich for my blood, especially after all I will probably spend on the family vacation. So I have to find someplace more reasonable. I also have to find out if Devon wants to come. I'm giving her 1st dibbs on the ticket, since she said she would LOVE to see them again. But with her limited budget, I'm not sure the more expensive ticket, along with sharing the hotel cost, will be in her reach. If not, I'm dragging the Hubby. I believe it's about time he saw them ( in concert). Maybe I can use the "weekend away from the kids" ploy. Mom would be happy to babysit the kids that night. So wish me luck with all that!
Well, I have to get dressed. Take Kimmie to daycare ( it's water play day for her!) And get some stuff done around here. Enjoy your day! I'll be back later to surf around!
Peace and Love to all- KC

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