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Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Howdy you all!
Well, let's see, what's new in my world? Oh yea, yesterday was my LAST radiation treatments- WOO HOO! Hopefully, once all the tests are done, I will only have reconstructive surgery left. And then the nightmare will be over!!!!!! I see Dr. B next Thursday, and my oncologist the day after I get back from Virginia, and then I will know more. But I think I'm seeing light at the end of a VERY LONG tunnel, and that's a good thing!
I have yet to get to the rest of my DL pictures. This past weekend, while I didn't have to work, was so busy that I was lucky to get my house cleaned. Spent all day Sat. driving around town, trying to find the griddle that Jon wanted as a Father's day gift. And found ZIP! They were either too small, or to flimzy for him. So it looks like a job for "google" afterall. And Sunday, due to Father's day- Jon had the computer all day, playing his games. So it looks like I won't be able to get on here (for any length of time) to work on the pics until Thursday this week. ( that's my next day off) So you all will just have to wait.
Oh, and the Idiot that developed Andy's camera did it all wrong! I bought one of those disposible cameras that came with the free CD disc. Well, I asked for one set of prints ( which I really didn't want- I just wanted the disc!) and I got 2 sets- AND NO DISC! She screwed up the order entirely! So now I have to take this mess to MY store, and hope that they can "fix" it! The thing is- because it was a disposable, I need the disc to be able to "zoom" the pictures, and make them worth something. He got what looks like some good shots, but they're distant, and need work. The prints are pretty much worthless, just all black with a little "Lep" in the middle. ***SIGH***
Some good news- Devon came by the store yesterday, and she is TOTALLY HOOKED! She told me the boy's haven't been out of her CD player since last Wednesday, and she said next time- just buy the tickets, she is SO THERE! I told hubby he is now officially "off the hook", I have someone to go get my "Lep-fix" with me now lol! I still have to burn a copy of my Tesla CD for her, and maybe recomend some "catch-up" listening ( Slang, Euphoria, etc) . But "Major Tom" has said " Oh NO- Another Lep-0-holic! Hehehe- I'm just a bad influence Huh?!
Well, that's all for today. I work the early shift tomorrow as well, and so I think I probably won't be back until Thursday morning. You all take care, I'll probably "pop" back in late tonight, to see if you all are still around. Peace and Love to you all, KC

P.S.- My 5 yr old Kimmie just came in my room, with her CD player- singing "Pour Some Sugar On Me" at the top of her lungs! I don't know whether to be proud, or embarrassed by that. I mean- "I'm hot, sticky sweet......." doesn't sound the same from a 5 year old, does it? Does make one stop to think though....... ;-)

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