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Wednesday, June 29, 2005

And I'm off ( from work that is)! But I've got a full day ahead, so this will be short. I just got done loading a crap-load of CD's on to my I-Pod for the trip. I don't want to take massive CD's in the car, since that would be taking a chance of them getting ripped off. I now have to go with Becky, and meet my mom. Becky's Birthday is while we'll be away, so this is the day we get her presents. At least this way- I don't have to wrap them lol! And then back to the house to clean. At least the kids did the majority of it yesterday, so I just have to dust and vacuum. THANK GOD!
I'll be back later to let you know what Becky "scored" -- Til Later......KC

Well, we're back! And Becky got herself ( thanks to Mom) her very own I-Pod mini!!! Now she can load all of her music on her own, and no more portable CD player/batteries/arguements on what to listen to in the car! I just have to figure out how to separate her music on I-tunes from mine. ( I think it already is, but I want to make sure before she loads it!) She also got some books and CD's that she really wanted. Good haul for her all in all!
So now she and I will be "battling" over the computer the next few days to get them "loaded" for the trip. The house is basically cleaned. I just have to finish laundry. And get packed. And get my son's friend over here so he can learn where the dogfood is etc, ( he's watching the dog and fish while we're away) Too much to do- and no time left it seems!
Oh and Mom's going to make sure she's off the night of the 22nd, so I can "roadtrip" hubby down to Hollywood FL. For a certain concert ;-)! So I guess plans are all made, now let's just hope that the gods don't decide to play with me again!!
I go see the Dr. tomorrow morning, and hopefully I'll know when my next surgery will be. I'll be glad to be finished with all of that. That will truly be the cherry on top of the "sundae" that is my summer!!!
Hope you all are having a great day! Catch you all soon! Peace, KC

P.P.S.- Geez! 2 hours and lots of cuss words later, we finally got Becky's I-Pod working! I had to adjust about 10 settings on the computer, and set her up as an administrater! Who knew that she couldn't even download a darn CD in any other "mode"??? Darn, but that wasted time and had the both of us worried. I mean, $200 for an I-Pod, and to not have it work?! Bogus! Ok.ok. it's fixed, but darn, that was frustrating!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :-)

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