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Wednesday, June 01, 2005

I'm posting this quickly, since we are under a Tornado watch through 11am today. And knowing Florida Power & Light ( A.K.A. Florida Pillage & Loot!), my power may not last very long!!

I took today off. I am just feeling like crap, having spent the vast majority of the night hacking up my lungs. I have a Dr. appointment at 11:30, with my "regular" Dr. to get some drugs. I can't be feeling this way come Saturday, or the wedding will not be a lot of fun for me & mine. And with the rain coming down as it is, I am probably going to "skip" radiation this morning as well. Besides, I have to be totally still while "laid-out" and I don't think I can with this cough. At least, I couldn't do it all last nite *sigh*.
But at least I got some good news this morning. I logged on to check my e-mail, and low and behold- My Tickets are on their way!! I should have them by the end of the week. Now I just have to survive until the 15th.
And I leave you all with this picture, taken from my front stoop this morning. I took it @ 7:30am, and it had been raining about 10 minutes. I think I may need a boat to get to the Dr.s today........

Bear in mind, that in the next hour or so, my road will totally disappear! And we were totally dry not 20 minutes before I took it!
Have a good day all, I'll catch you later. Peace and Love, KC

P.S.- I just went to one of the local radio stations websites- www.mix1051.com , and on their Mix music page (which only lists the top 10 songs played btw!) - No Matter What! Since they were the only station that played "Now", before the last tour, and THAT ONE never made the list- this is a good sign! I may feel like crap, but I'm smiling :-)

P.S.S.- ( I know, the power's hanging on!) This past month, whtq ( that station where my fav. DJ works) has had everyone voting on the best "classic rock songs". Well, our guys made this list 10 times! Not bad for a underappreciated band Eh? Oh and look! They actually made #4 on the list!! And only beat by Zeppelin ( they would not mind that- I think) and Skynyrd ( Florida's own band!!)
9 SEGER, BOB Turn The Page
7 AC/DC Back In Black
4 DEF LEPPARD Pour Some Sugar On Me
3 LED ZEPPELIN Rock & Roll
1 LED ZEPPELIN Stairway To Heaven

Others that made it:
81- Photograph
163-Rock of Ages
198- Bringin' on the Heartbreak
217- Rocket
464- To Late for Love
487- Love Bites
I found this interesting. Especially since the poll only listed 100 songs ( you could "write-in" a candidate) and PSSOM was the ONLY one listed for DL. Which means all the rest were suggested by the fans. And you could only vote once! which means there are a heck of alot more DL fans in central Florida than I thought. Things that make you go "HMMMMMM"!

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