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Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Ok, can I start this week over again?????
I know, but things have just not been off to a good start this week. Let me explain:
1- I have been told that I am up for the "promotion" to Senior Tech. Tom had meant to ask me, but as I suspected, because of my "health issues", he held off. Which means both Sabrina & I would share the load. OK, no problem with me! But for some reason that defies logic, Walgreens has lost my Certification paperwork. So I have to fax my copies to them. No problem- right? Well, I can't find the damn things!!! I think they must have been "mis-laid" during the hurricanes last year. You see, part of evacuation procedure is that you take all important documents with you. And now the file cabinet where we keep all that stuff is a big mess. And, of course, my papers are missing!!!! DARN IT! So I had to e-mail to the federal office website to get copies. Which will take ALOT of time. SHEESH!
2- I went to the trouble to borrow my BIL's camera for the concert tomorrow. Now I get an e-mail from them saying that they have changed their policy to NO PROFFESIONAL CAMERAS. Does this mean digital cameras as well??? So now I will have to call them tomorrow before I leave, and get the final "scoop" on whether I should bother bringing the darn thing! All they said to me was to bring a disposable, but we all know those aren't worth a crap inside a venue. At least I have my phone, but that will be a BIG pain to transfer all the pics from-- **SIGH**
3- I was just on the OF, and it seems that the restarant where we were all planning to meet at has closed???!!! ( Just 3 days ago!) SHIT! Didn't the lady who took our reservations ( she was supposedly the Kitchen Manager!!) know this was going to happen? Now we have to try and find another place at the last minute, or just "tail-gate" in the parking lot. In 90+ degree heat. In possible thunderstorms. SHIT!
4- I found out that my last day of treatments will be Monday. This because I took that "day-off" the other week, since my cough was so bad.
So, if I'm not as hyped as I should be, you all know why. But I will not let this whole mess get to me. I WILL build that bridge, and get over it. Because in the end, it's......

1 day until DEF LEPPARD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Peace and Love to all, KC

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