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Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Rude Awakenings...
I really have to find out about the "sound ordinance" in this town. I had a rough day yesterday ( which I will explain in a moment) and thought to get a little "extra" sleep this morning. Well, I was awakened by a Cement truck at 6 am!! WTF?! They are building a new home right behind me, and this jerk was gunning his engine, and shifting the truck around ( making those annoying squeaking metal noises- you know?) at the crack of dawn! Truth be told, I don't think the sun HAD begun to rise yet!! Geez, is that legal? And to add insult to injury, he ended up bringing the truck up onto the lot, driving right to the back of his lot- A.K.A the back of MINE( and my bedroom is in the back of the house btw)- and then proceeded to gun his engine some more! All this before 7am. So much for my sleep today. I'm gonna ask around, and if this happens again- I'm going to report his sorry butt! I'm sorry, I understand that the weather down here has been bad. Thunderstorms starting at noon, and rain all the rest of the day- BUT TOUGH! That doesn't give you the right to wake the "dead"( which believe me, I was this morning!). GGGRRRRRRRR!!!!!!
Yesterday just plain sucked! I was scheduled to work 11am- 7:30pm. I decided to take Kim down to daycare early , so I could come back, get breakfast, and go to work at an easy pace. NOT TO BE! My cell phone rang ( this is important- had it been my land line, I would have known NOT to answer!) and a pharmacist I like asked if I would come down to her store, and help out for a few hours. She was extremely short handed, and her store had been hit by lightening Sunday. So of course I said yes. Well, it was a mad-house! Tripping over workmen trying to put the place back together, and just me, her, one other tech and a guy that barely speaks English! Lot's of pissed-off customers, since we had no insulin! ( no power- no fridge!) I worked there until 2, and then drove like a nut back to my own store to finish out my shift. At least I got an hour's overtime out of it. I think I'd've liked the "me-time" better though.
And of course, I came home to a mess! Livingroom, Kitchen ( the sinks are/were full of dirty dishes!). Becky didn't empty the dishwasher ( her chore!) and I'm not doing it for her. I'm sick and tired of picking up the slack around here. She'll just have to do the WHOLE kitchen herself today- pay backs are a bitch!
I'm off tomorrow, so now I will have to clean house ( AGAIN!) along with all those things I needed to do to get ready for vacation. Oh and Sandy, if your reading this- e-mail me your # sweetie, so maybe we can meet up while I'm up your way- I'd love to meet you!!
That's all for now, I've got to get my tired rear into gear. I hope today is better- or you all will probably get an "earful" again tomorrow!
Love and Peace to all! KC

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