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Thursday, June 09, 2005

Sunday on the river in Melbourne, Fl.

I know, I haven't been here. I'm still recouping from this last weekend. Aside from my tiredness, because we were elsewhere, none of my normal "cleaning" got done. So I've been trying to catch up during the week. So I've only had enough energy to just check in on all of you, and make sure all was well in blogland. I'm working tonight, and then have the rest of the weekend off. I'll be better by then, and won't be so long between visits!
Today is the first day in about 2 weeks that I actually woke up to the sun! The weather down here has just been CRAP - and I hear we may get a tropical storm this weekend???? WTF? Didn't we get enough of this LAST YEAR??!!! Jeez, we never get this shite this early in the season, it just doesn't happen! Well, at least it won't be a hurricane. Hopefully......
I am really getting tired of the radiation treatments. Every morning, up at the crack of dawn, and haul my sorry butt clear across town for 10 minutes of treatment. I'm glad it's almost over, I think 9 months of chemicals have finally gotten to me! Oh, and the cream I got has been helping with the burns, so at least I don't have to go braless! The public is so pleased I'm sure!!
Well, I have one other pic I'd like to share,( for now)

The 2 Karen Campbells!
That's right! We both share a name (sort of). My eldest SIL married a Campbell, and this is his brother's wife. I on the other hand, WAS a Campbell. Until I married a Fine. Sort of a trade-off of sorts ( at least that's what we call it!)"You get one, you loose one" sort of deal. So we have the running joke in the family. And she and I get on like a house on fire- which is great. When I first met them all, I was officially "adopted" into their family, since I had no "clan" around here. They're a great bunch of "Florida redneck" type of people- real "salt of the earth!" You just can't be down around them, they're just too much fun. (actually, after last weekend, perhaps TOO much fun lol!) Anyway, I like the pic so........
Well, I'd better get off this thing, and see if my clothes are dry. Wouldn't do for me to go "topless" to work- might scare off the customers. Then again, a peaceful day at work doesn't sound all that bad...... ;-)
Peace and Love to you all! KC

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