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Thursday, July 21, 2005

Andy guarding the fort- Jamestown,Va.
( Shades of things to come? I hope not!)

What is going on in this world? I sit here listening to Charlie Gibson, talking about more trouble in London. Why do these people think that bombing innocent people is going to "further their cause?" It's not the man on the streets making these decisions- its their governments. Bombing cities is just going to make it harder on their cause. I've read the Koran. I've studied their religion. No where does it say- "Bomb for Allah"! They have the same basic laws that most religions have. Peace, love thy neighbor, honor your god ( Allah) etc. If they think that the Muslem world gets no respect, what makes them think this is going to get them any??? I wish there were an easy answer to all this, but I have a feeling that even if there were, these guy's wouldn't listen. ****SIGH*****
We got into a discussion about "safety" at work. How one of my co-workers said she's glad that we live where we do, since it's an area where they wouldn't bomb. WHAT??? I hated to burst her "bubble", but we ALL are in danger of this. I'm sure everyone of us ( or most, at least) can name one place withing 50 or so miles, that could be a target. I have 2 in fact. Kennedy Space Center ( what a target that would make!) And Disneyworld. What better than to hit a prime example of Capitolism??!! Not to mention the amount of people that hitting that place would affect- GLOBALLY! Tourists from every corner of the world, all in a 5-square-mile area! Scary thought, huh?! Makes you want to curl up under your bed-covers and hide.

Sorry about the post all, but I'm just so tired of all the hate in the world. I believe in "love thy neighbor". In loving the earth, and ALL HER CREATURES. Of patience, understanding, and giving everyone the right to live a peaceful, happy life.
This morning, I wish more felt like I do. I wish I could stand up somewhere, and tell everyone to just take a deep breath and THINK! That we are all in this together, and there has to be a better way. But instead I see a chain of events starting. a long "chain of dominos" are starting to fall. I just hope someone figures out how to stop them, before they all fall- and with them, all of us. I look at my kids, and I can only hope the madness ends soon. For them. For all of us.
Love, and especially PEACE, KC

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