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Monday, July 18, 2005

August 19th
That's when I go from "lop-sided" to normal. I wish I could have gotten a date sooner, but it seems that he's all booked up until then. And I was informed it's a 3 hour surgery, so that takes a good chunk of his "surgery schedule" for the day. AND IT'S OUTPATIENT!!???? Which means I have the surgery, and then go straight home. OUCH! I just hope it doesn't hurt as much as the last one, or I will be a very pissy girl that evening! Well, I'll deal with whatever. It's better than the alternative....................
Oh- and I have 2 tickets in hand!! I met Scar, and got them!! WOO HOO! Now to break it to the hubby. HMMMM??? I think I'll just wait until Friday, and then throw him in the car with the sound of "ROAD TRIP" on my lips! Otherwise, he might come up with a reason not to go. I've done this before, and it's worked. So if that's the case....................... ;-)
My Bone scan was a breeze! That has to have been the easiest test I've ever taken! I just had to lay on this table ( fully clothed) and while we talked, she did whatever. So if one of you has to have one, you know. Very quick, and painless. Which is a change over the other's I've been dealt this past year!
Becky and I went to the mall by my dr's. office, just to kill time. And I got Kimmie 2 dresses for school. Both were Ralph Loren, and I paid $12 for them both- TOTAL! I swear, had I known they were that cheap, I'd have bought the rack!!! So there Kim! Your not the only bargain shopper in the crowd!
Well, this very choppy post has to come to a close. I have things to do tonight ( like cook!) So I leave you all with a smile. Knowing that the end is TRULY near!
( Now if my hair would just grow a little faster.........)
Peace and Love to you all! KC

P.S.- I've updated the "events in my life" section of my side bar. #2 we will have to discuss at length. Since I've never been one to let something like THAT go without some serious fun involved. He's TOAST! Plain and simple. I've got a sense of humor- and I know how to use it. After all, I'm younger than him ( and most of our friends!) So by the time this stuff gets to me, it's painfully old news! * insert evil laughing smilie here!!!!*

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