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Monday, July 11, 2005

Could I have one of these at home please? Only I need one in a "3-pack" lol!!

We pause this blogger post to bring you a very important bulletin:

I am officially "CANCER-FREE"!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I can't believe that it's finally over! ( well, all but my reconstructive surgery) I will pick up my Arumidex Rx tomorrow at work, and then schedule my surgery. And hopefully get back to "normal" in life. Dr. N ( oncologist) said that he was so pleased with my results, and how well I got through all the treatments, he doesn't see any problems down the line. I just have to check in with him every 3-4 months or so, just for safety sake. WOOOO HOOOO!!! I think I'm gonna go by the store later, and get a bottle of Champagne. I think we're gonna celebrate tonight!

Oh, and I went by my store to get my schedule, and there's a BIG problem. I have been scheduled to work Friday the 22nd, 11 to 7:30pm. Which is the night I'm supposed to go to Hard Rock to see DL!!!??? So I'll have to see if I can change that, or sell my tickets to my new store manager ( who said he'd like to go if I could find him tickets!) SHIT! "Murphy"- aren't you done with me yet? WHY!!! Crap, I just hope they lengthen this tour, 'cause I want to see them again BADLY!!! At least I got to see them when I did, otherwise I'd be beyond pissed!!!!!!

Becky and I went out shopping today. She still hadn't bought anything for her birthday, so she got her favorite shoes ( Vans) and 3 rock T-Shirts from Hot Topic. And I got some new shoes as well. So she's all set for school when it starts. Now I just have to go by the post office, to pick up the mail that's there from our vacation. I'm not too concerned about it, since it's probably all trash mail anyway. I get all my bills on-line, so mostly it's just credit card offers I don't want.

So, I guess I'll go get that bubbly now. I want it to be chilled in time for Jon to get home. I don't work tomorrow until 2pm, so a couple of glasses won't do any harm. And hey, I think I've earned it! Thanks to you all for all your support, encouragement and friendship. Without it, this would have truly been a really rough ride.

Peace and Love to you all! KC

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