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Friday, July 29, 2005

It's too flippin' HOOOTTTT!!!!!!
I swear, if it doesn't start cooling down soon, I'm gonna go nuts! People down here are just getting nasty, and our electric bill ( which is normally around $140 in the summer) is up over $200!!!! I have done everything ( short of sealing everyone in the house lol!) I can think of, and still the AC is running almost all day. I have the darn thing set on 80 degrees, so it's not like I'm asking for miracles here! And we just bought the unit 3 years ago, and it's supposed to be a "bigger unit than we need" for our house? Scary! We need our traditional "afternoon thunderstorms" to come back. At least when they come- it cools everything down. I haven't seen any for well over a month. Pretty scary that I'm ASKING for that kind of weather- Huh?!
Well, the weekend is almost here, and I have to work Sunday. That's because I had to take Weds. off, to help Becky register for school. Yes folks, school down here starts NEXT WEEK!! And quite honestly, I can't wait! With kimmie starting as well, it means no more day-care bills, and the house won't be "trashed" every day. And my grocery bill will go back to normal. I swear, my kids eat 3 times as much during the summer months. I can't understand why they all are so skinny. If I ate that much, I'd be the size of a BLIMP!!!
Well, It's 9am, and I'm due into work in an hour. I'm not dressed, and Kimmie is still running around in her P.J.'s as well. So I'd better get off this thing and light *that* fire under both our butts. Or I'll be running into work late- which I just HATE to do. I like getting there a little early, and sitting in my car ( usually listening to some Lep ) Helps me to switch from "Mommy-mode" to "Working-woman-mode". if that makes any sense to you all. I'll try to get back here tonight. But if not, DEFinately tomorrow.
Have a great Friday everyone! Peace and Love, KC

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