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Thursday, July 14, 2005

The "original" Smithsonian building in Washington, D.C.
( notice the shirt Andy has on in the forground- I've trained that boy well!)

Well, not much going on in my world ( except work!) I've made an appointment with my plastic surgeon for next Monday. I should know then when my surgery will be. And that should get me a couple more weeks off from work ( I don't know how long it will take to recover, but judging by my last surgery, 3 weeks seems reasonable) And I also have to go for a bone-density scan. Seems this Arimidex med I'm now on can cause bone loss over time. Wonderful! Well, at least it's better that Tamoxifen, that's been proven to increase your chance of uterine cancer!! I just hope that I can tolerate the drug, it has some side-affects that could really hit me hard! ( one is joint pain- like arthritis! OUCH) Oh well, taking one pill a day is better than what I've been though already!
Oh, and I got everything fixed at work for the concert next week. Devon came to my rescue. She let everyone know that I'd already bought the tickets, and that it wouldn't be fair for me to spend that kind of money for nothing. So now Tom is calling me the Concert Queen! Or Lep-o-holic 1 ( like that's a bad thing???) . I just hope Jon doesn't balk at the ride down. We've done so much driving lately! And I still have to get a hotel room down there. But all should be well soon.

Well, I'd better get my sorry butt dressed and ready for work. And I probably won't be back here tomorrow until late, so before I go, a message to someone special:

HAPPY BIRTHDAY KIM!!!! Love, luck and happiness on you special day, and all the rest to come!
Love you Sweetie!! *MWAH*

Take care, and have a great day everyone! Love and Peace, KC

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