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Saturday, July 23, 2005

Well, I'm back!
And as expected, the guy's ROCKED! A little pre-show for you.....

Jon and I left around 2:30, and headed down. Now, I had tried to make a reservation for a hotel online earlier this week, but after the Williamsburg fiasco, I felt better to get down there and see what we could find. WRONG MOVE! We got to Hollywood around 5 pm, and spent the better part of the next hour hunting for a hotel that had rooms available. Then we virually threw the suitcase in the door, and off to the Hard Rock.
This place is more than just a hotel/casino. It's virtually a "mini-mall/complex" complete with shops, restarants and other such stuff. It was hell getting into the parking area ( traffic and such), but once in we didn't have a problem finding a space. ( which some did- as seen by the cars parked precariously on medians, grassy knolls, and anywhere they could find when we came out!) We went in a scoped out the place, found the actually concert hall, then went and had some dinner. 2 margaritas later ( lol!) we decided to head over to the hall. Security was a pain, having first said "yea, you can bring in your drinks" to "No drinks allowed!" Also, signs all over- "No Cameras, Video, Audio"- but if you had a small, easily hidden camera it could have been done ( mine, unfortunately is not small enough to hide well) Ladies purses were checked, but the guy's just walked on in ( hence Scar was able to walk in with his camera in his pocket???!!!!). Wandered for awhile, found Scar and Sha, and Deflepkim, whose father died just this past Thursday. I had wanted to find her, and extend my condolences to her ( DONE!)
Then when the doors inside opened, we were directed to our seats. I had remarked to Jon that I thought that we were farther back than we should be- and then security came up to inform us that we were in the WRONG SEATS? They put us there!!! THEY SAT US?! It ended up ok, as we wound up much closer to the stage- although not nearly as close as I was at Kissimmee. Beggars can not be chosers, I was glad to be there at all!
What can I tell you that you can't already guess. THEY WERE GREAT! It was the same basic show that they've played all along, although Joe did manage to "waffle" a bit more than normal, since they were the only one's on the bill. The lighting was not working properly- apparently ( according to Joe) "the power bill was not being paid". So with appoligies to Kenji ( the lighting guy) they just kept on, keepin' on!
I had a great time, and although I don't think I'll make a DL fan of Jon- I don't think he hated it either. But he's not a music fanatic in general, so while I rocked my socks off ( can you do that in sandals??) He stood by and just watched. The only "down-side" was the very "enthusiastic" fans right behind us. This guy yelled, sang and talked louder than anyone in the place. And I don't think it was all alchohol either. Sheesh- get a room buddy!
We went to a bar afterwards, for a night-cap, and then the hotel. Drove back home this morning only to find out that my BIL is having a bar-b-que today, which is where we're headed now. I'm glad I got my cleaning done yesterday, 'cause I'm gonna need to rest up tomorrow from all of this "coming and going" I'm doing! I'll try and get back here tomorrow, and tell you all the rest.
But I figured you all would want to know what happened!
Love and Peace! KC

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