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Thursday, July 28, 2005

What's Your Goddess Identity?
KC, you're a Phoenix!

You go, girl! Like a Phoenix, the beautiful, soaring bird that represents vision and a thirst for life, your quest for adventure never dies. Whether parading around in a flashy, red dress at your next party, volunteering to tutor kids in reading, or signing up for a photography class, you possess a natural creativity and curiosity that guarantees a life filled with all sorts of exciting twists and turns.People around you marvel at your energy — how is it that you're able to whiz through a jam-packed day, rush to your kickboxing class, and then still feel lively enough to hang with friends and family? Just chalk it up to your undying love of life. You've never met a challenge you didn't like — even when it comes to romance. No one can resist your diva-like charms, not even that scorching crush who leaves everyone else weak in the knees. Chances are that with your confidence and radiance, you have plenty of invitations to movie dates and nights out with the girls. So go to it, Phoenix. The world needs more people like you!

Wow! Cool! I liked this one!!
Hi everyone! Sorry I've been MIA this week. Just toooooooo busy at work. Which sucks, but hey- I have a few weeks off coming up, so whatever. Oh, and have any one of you ( who work with the public) had a problem this past week? I swear, everyone has taken their "grumpy" pills!! I've gotten yelled at, insulted, cursed at, YOU NAME IT! I've never had so many nasty customers in one year- let alone one week. Tom thinks it's the heat- I think whatever it is better stop soon! I have the patience of a saint ( so I've been told) when it comes to our customers, but yesterday I had to tell Tom to get me away from them before I "Biotch slapped" someone.
I had one lady who screamed at me for 1/2 hour because we put her Rx's under the wrong person's profile ( which I fixed asap, btw!) Well dearie, if your name wasn't Mary Smith( REALLY!), and you'd've given us time (before you raced out of the drive-thru!) to get your birthdate, or something we could use to find "YOU", we could have done better. BUT NOOOOO!
So of course we had to make up a whole new profile, until we could get the info. And of course your scripts weren't billed to your insurance- 'CAUSE WE COULDN"T "FIND" YOU! Then, once I'd gotten through that with her, she called back about an hour latter asking why we didn't fill her scripts with what the Dr. prescribed??!!( Ever hear of Generics lady?) She then screamed at me about why I thought she couldn't afford the brand names?! WAS I TRYING TO POISON HER??? Hence my request to Tom to get me away from John Q Public for awhile. And she was just one of many in the past few days. Thank goodness I'm off today, cause I think I'd've called in sick, just to get away from people! Not to mention the computers crashing 4 times, the phones ringing off the hooks, the insurance company's......BLEH!
So doing laundry and cleaning the house today has never seemed so good! And I intend to rest a little. Surf the 'net, and generally stay away from humans. Seems the safest course for me right now. So I wish you all a great day, and I'll catch you all later. I'm gonna play around, and see if I can find anything interesting to do. Or maybe just watch a movie and eat popcorn. Yea, sounds like a plan...... ;-)
Peace and Love to all! KC

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