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Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Don't you just wish they'd get along like this all the time??

Well, Becky's officially registered. Took all morning, because we had to have one of her classes changed. Some idiot signed her up for Spanish II? She darn near flunked Spanish I!!! So we had to get her out of that course, or she'd be in over her head before she started. She's decided to try German instead. She needs a language for college, so I hope this one's easier for her. And we have a friend ( actually, she's the mom of one of Andy's close friends) who IS German, so she can help if things get a little rough.
Now on to my luck ( or lack thereof!) You all know that I had planned to make a DVD of all the "Lep on TV" stuff I have. Well, my DVR DIED! It's woking as a basic cable box, but none of the "recording" functions are accessable. I spent an hour on the phone with Brighthouse last nite, trying to get if fixed that way- to no avail. So a technician is coming by the house this afternoon. Hopefully he can get it working, or the Today Show, and Regis and Kelly stuff I had are GONE!!! I was planning to tape all that stuff while I was out on leave, so I would have more time, and not have to compete with the kids for the TV. Well, procrastination has come up and bit me in the a@@ once again! Cross your fingers folks, or the afore mentioned DVD's will not be winging their way to you all any time soon!
I also had to go out and replace my headset/mic for the computer. I think Andy ran over the cords once too often. So this time, the headset is in hiding! I'm keeping the good ones in my closet, and let him use the broken ones. ( one earpiece still works, but the mic & the other earpiece died) That's all he needs for his games anyway. And Jon just uses them to listen to news online, so "stereo" is not something important. I'm the one that uses them for music and chat, so the good ones are MINE!
Well, I'm going to go finish Harry Potter, and wait for the cable guy. Hope your day is going well, and I'll see you all soon! Peace and Love, KC

****EDIT- The Cable guy just left- I lost it all! Live 8, the Today Show, and Regis performances. Shit, Murphy- GET OUT OF MY LIFE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ************

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