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Monday, August 01, 2005

Happy Birthday Joe!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
It's always been one of the attractions to me with this band. Their ages. The fact that when I discovered this band back in the day, they were MY age. That while I was in college, still trying to figure out what I was going to do when I "grew up", they aready knew, and were doing it in a BIG way. ( mind you, I had just gotten "On Through The Night"- but Damn! A record deal at their age???!!!) While most of the bands out there were 10 years their senior ( or more!) These guys were blowing them off the stage. Made me proud! So have a great day Joe. Rest, relax, spend some time with the new wife. And know that we thank you for 25+ years of great music, many laughs, and good times. Heres to many, many more!!!!

Well, I'm sorry about the lack of posts lately, but I've been tired. Like I just can't sleep enough to get motivated to do anything. And what little energy I have manged to muster, has been used to keep house and home from total anarchy. So I'll try to get my shite together, and not be so lazy.
Wed. I have to take Becky down to register for her classes for school. It starts next Monday, the 8th, and I just hope that this year she does better. I think she's "seen the light" and will try, but I'm going to help her sign up for classes more in line with what she's capable of. Last year she was "railroaded" into a couple of classes that quite frankly, I didn't think she could handle. And I was proved right. So into my "attack-Mom" hat, and off we'll go!
I know a lot of you have commented on the fact that school starts so early down here. I agree. When I started school, we didn't go until AFTER labor day. Even in college ( and I attended that down here in Fl.) we were on campus only the week prior to labor day. But for some reason, over the last few years, they've decided to start at the beginning of August. Which is very strange to me as well, but whatcha gonna do? And this year sees Kimmie into school, so that should be an interesting time as well.
On a totally different vein- Is anyone else SICK of all these reality shows?? I hate them! I have never been able to become interested in any of them, aside from "Extreme Make-over- Home Edition". And that is probably because I like the fact that they are doing something NICE for families, and not making horses- arses of people. Give me a good sitcom any day. If I want "Reality", I'll watch the news- thankyouverymuch!
Well, not much else to say today. I'll try and find something more interesting to post tomorrow. If life gives me something interesting. Then again, it's been nice that life as been boring for a change. I'll take it over what I have been dealing with!
Have a great day! Peace, Love, and lots of birthday candles ( To a certain handsome Brit!) KC

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