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Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Hump Day!

And I fixed the song lyric thingy at the bottom of the page. 2 points to the first to "name that tune"! I'm going to try and change it more often, and I'll keep score. Maybe a prize at the end of the year? We'll see.
Anywho, I got Jon's gifts yesterday. 1 is practical- A "Food-saver" thing for the freezer. You all have seen the info-mercials right. You can re-pack foods in airtight baggies and such. I figure now that we have the freezer, he can buy the big "family" packs of stuff, break them down, and save money. And buy vegetables in season and freeze them. I'm really looking forward to that! Especially the stuff I grow. It always seems that all my broccoli, cabbage and stuff come to a head all at once, and we have to give some away- or it goes bad. This way- NO WASTE! Always a good thing.

The other is, well, a fun gift. Becky & I went down to our little local florist's shop. Now, she may be small- in a very unimpressive storefront in a tiny strip center- but she's just amazing! She's a little independent florist where you just tell her what you need, and she makes it up. I've sent Mom some of her stuff, and she's always thrilled ( and believe me- Mom is hard to impress!) So I told her to "go to town", gave her $100, and she's going to make up an "over the hill" basket for Jon. Complete with sympathy card and such. It will be delivered Sat. Morning. Since I won't be in any shape ( probably) to take him out to lunch or something, and the BIL has the party handled- I figured this was best. I just didn't see anything else either on-line or around the local stores. I also got one of the signs you put in the yard- "guess who's 50!", and Becky and I are going to make a banner ( hopefully!) to string across the garage that says " An Old Fart Lives Here!" Yes, I know I'm bad- but it's just too much fun! And you all know my sense of humor.
Jon's toast- plain and simple! hehehehehehe..............

Well, I have to go down to the license office. In all this birthday prep, I forgot that my car tag's also expire with my hubby's birthday. Can't be illegal, can we? They've moved the office to a part of town I'm not really familiar with, so wish me luck that I don't get lost. Or have to spend 3 hours in line. Which is entirely possible in this neck of the woods.

Oh, and I'm glad you all like my new "look"! I agree, it's MUCH easier on the eyes. And while I like the color pink- it was beginning to really bug me. Becky was starting on her "Pepto-bismol" rant about it, and I'd had enough anyway. So have a great day, and maybe I'll find the time today to get some interesting stuff for the sidebar. Yesterday was just to busy to bother.

Peace and Love, KC

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