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Wednesday, August 24, 2005

I told you all I was gonna "get" him!

The "arrangement" I had sent to Jon. I know- I'M BAAADDDD!!!

First, I just wanted to say that I'm feeling better. The infection that was trying to rear it's ugly head seems to have gone away ( or at least, as far as I can see). And while it will probably be another 2 weeks or so before I'm able to go back to work, I'm beginning to relax, and know that it's FINALLY over! A little pain I can deal with- and quite frankly, it's nice to go bra-less and not look obscene! But I still haven't been cleared to drive yet. So I'm stuck in the house until then. Which really bugs the shit out of me- I'm too used to being very independent! But if it keeps the peace around here, so be it.

A few random thoughts I've had lately:
1- Why is it that people feel the need to be nasty to each other? Especially in various on-line communities? I was brought up with the "do unto others....." Mentality. Yes, maybe that makes me just a little old fashioned. And I have to agree with the Wiccan believe in the "Law of 3". I think you get what you give in this life. If you want people to be nice to you- YOU have to be nice to them. Granted, that's not always the case- but most of the time it works. One point of this fact; I have a friend that I've met through the DL online community. She's always been nice, kind and a great person to me. She has mentioned in e-mails that she will not comment on my blog. Why?- Because last fall, she was erroneously lumped in with a group of people who were deemed "mentally unstable" ( I.E.- friends of "lepplady") Whether or not she is involved in those groups, I don't particularly care. She's a grown woman, and can see the "forest for the trees" all on her own. But because of one person's accusations ( who's no longer around our little group of blogs- btw) my friend will not post here. Because she doesn't want to cause ME any trouble. I think that says a lot- don't you?
Therefore I make this statement: If I've told you about this blog, you may comment here. I don't care if you are family ( Diane, Karen C., Rae, etc.) Friends ( Pete, Janine, Alex, Devon, Kat, Etc) or those who are my "on-line" family. This is my blog- And I make the rules! If any problems arise, it will be me that handles it. I personally don't think there will be, 'cause I don't "hang" with idiots. So comment away- this is one place you all know you can find me. And I love you all.

2- The whole new management thing on the "OF". Can you believe some people giving Mark the crap about not posting it? As if he can post anything without clearing it with the band!! JMHO here, but I thought right away that they probably don't want to say anything until the ink is dry on the contracts! And since that's not supposed to happen until September- why should anything be on the website? I mean, how many time have we seen "news" about the band on other sites- only to find out it was bullshit? Too many to count I think. And though I really have no feelings either pro-or-con Mark Senff ( other than the fact that he is a DL fan like the rest of us) I don't envy him his position! He's doing a job people. He's just the messenger- he doesn't make the rules! I've seen much worse webmasters out there- believe me!

3- I've noticed this year that our school system really should take a long, hard look at the time they start. Let me explain-
Elementary schools- 8am
High Schools- 8:15am
Middle Schools- 9:15am
which basically means that not only do Kim and Andy have to be at their bus stop 45 minutes before school starts ( and on campus and 7:30- 1/2 hour early!!) But when we go to E.S.T.- they will be standing there in the dark! Becky catches her bus around 7:40. Now this came about a few years ago, when they decided that the "older" kids needed more sleep in the morning- since many of them had jobs/activities in the evenings. Well, correct me if I'm wrong here-but 15 minutes extra sleep is supposed to help? I thought they meant that the H.S. students would be the late shift, middle up first, with the elementary in the middle ( did you all get that?) And it's really ridiculous that the youngest kids have to get to school so flippin' early, because the start times for high school are so close to theirs( the buses need to get to their next routes you see). They can't go into their classrooms until 7:50- which means they must sit OUTSIDE and wait for 20 minutes. In the heat/rain/whatever! I still have Kimmie in after-school care, because Andy is not old enough to be a babysitter yet ( not full time-anyway!) and Becky gets home about 1 hour after they do. I know a lot of parents who are pretty pissed about this "time/schedule" but the school board think they know everything, and the parents don't know squat! I may just have to go to one of their meetings- at least if I voice my opinion, I might feel better.
( can you see a pattern in these? Maybe I need some new drugs Huh?!)

Anyway, I guess that's all for now. Sorry about the "soap-box" rants, but it's been bugging me for some time now, and I just had to vent. I think I'll go cruise the net, and find something to lift my spirits. Have a great day all! Peace and Love, KC

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