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Thursday, August 25, 2005

Just for Fun!


You are outgoing, smart and friendly, you have been
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( Wow! Sometimes, these quizzes truly scare me!!)

Anyway- Saw Dr. B yesterday, and he said the infection is pretty much gone away! And since I don't have to go back to see him until Sept. 2nd, that means I won't have to worry about having my anniversary off! And I'm also allowed to drive "a little", like just down to the store or such ( no long trips though). He said he didn't want me to ruin his "wonderful work" lol! And it looks as though I will probably not be back to work until mid- Sept. But that's ok, cause this is probably the last break I'll have before the new year.

**warning- parental brag alert*****
Andy brought home a letter from school yesterday. It seems that he did so well on his FCAT's last year, he's getting an award! ( FCATS- for those of you not in fl, are the state tests that are part of the whole Bush " no child left behind"/ school improvement tests) You know, the ones where they "grade" the schools? Anywho, he did get really good grades on them, so I wasn't surprised. But he thought he'd gotten into some kind of trouble I think, cause he handed me that envelope like I was going to be angry!? The ceremony is next Weds. morning, so I should be able to go.

Oh, and Dr. said I can drive "a little" now. No long trips, but I can at least run down to the corner store and such if needed. THANK GOODNESS! Being caged in the house would be fine if I were allowed to DO something! But just to sit here, when I can see a million chores that have to be done is just torture! I know- I'm not going to take the chance of ripping a stitch or anything, but you all know what I mean right? I can't even vacuum the carpet ( and with 3 kids and a dog, that needs to be done frequently!) because of the surgery. That's why I've been spending a lot of time on this darn thing. Sitting here in the corner of my bedroom, I can't see the rest of the mess in the house lol!

Oh and about "Katrina"- I'm not worried in the least. She looks like she's going to go WAY south of me ( Tig is closer by far!) so all we should get is some rain. So don't worry, OK?! I'm just going to make sure nothing is outside "loose" that could cause problems if the winds pick up a bit. And maybe I can get one of the kids to vacuum or something this afternoon. If I could get Andy to clean the bathroom- anything is possible!

Have a great day all, I'll be around ;-)
Peace and Love, KC

P.S.- Holy Heck! I don't know what happened to that first paragraph, but it's fixed now!!!
And I just got off the phone with Tig, and she and her family are ready for the storm as well. She's about 1/2 hour north of where they say it's gonna land, but since it's a pretty minimal hurricane, they should be fine! Now if she can survive all her kids cooped up with her- hehehehe! ( Just teasing Tig!)

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