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Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Monday's suck!

And "murphy" is still in my face! I swear, I need either "Murphy-Raid", a good anti-evil spell, or a exorcism done, 'cause this crap is getting old!

My day:
Got up, got dressed and got the kids off to school. Noticed that there was dried blood/fluid on my nightshirt. Checked myself and realized that I was "leaking" around the stitched- ICK! I had to go see Dr. B that afternoon, so I figured I could deal until I got there. Sat down to check on you all and possibly post when the phone rang. It was Kimmie's school- she had Head Lice???!!!! SHIT! I haven't had to deal with that crap in years! So I had to drive down ( I'm NOT supposed to be driving-mind!) and pick her up. So that shot my morning's rest. She was fussing and generally pissy all morning. Mom was due to come over to take me to the dr.'s office around 11am, so I had to entertain her until then.
Went to the drug store, bought the lice shampoo,etc. and then to the Dr. He took a look and me and agreed that I shouldn't be "leaking" quite so much, and noticed that my "good" one ( you know, the one that was "brought up to snuff" as it were) was swollen and red on one side. Black and blue is ok- red is not! So then he "aspirated" the breast to see if it was an infection. I won't go into detail - suffice it to say that I asked for a stick or a bullet to bite on before he started lol! Thankfully, he said if it indeed IS becoming infected, it was at the early stages. So he upped my antibiotic dose, and told me to come back Weds. Sheesh!
Then back home and to Kimmie's problem. Now you all have seen her pictures, she has/had pretty long hair. Not anymore! I gave her a haircut that now has her hair just below her ears! I was not going to have to search through all that for lice, and she needed it trimed anyway. But I got a little over-zealous with the scissors. Everyone thinks it looks cute- except for Andy. He has forbidden me to every get near him with those scissors! And then we had to "treat" her hair. Now, she's one of those who HATES to have her hair washed. She hates water in her eyes at all! So try to picture hubby holding her, while I'm trying to put major chemicals in her hair, without getting it anywhere near her eyes- her kicking and screaming the whole time!!! I think I ripped a stitch in the process, but she would not be allowed back to school today if they found any of those little buggers alive on her head this morning. ( which they didn't- BTW!)
So finally, around 7 pm, I managed to sit down, with a heating pad ( i.e.- warm compress recommended by Dr. B for the afore mentioned "infection") and relax. I swear, I think I fell asleep about 5 minutes later.

So today is another day. Kimmie passed inspection, I have no appointments/chores/etc. on today's schedule. So I'm gonna veg! I'm gonna curl up with my heating pad, a good book, and maybe a DVD or two. Andy said he would clean the bathrooms for me today when he got home, but I'm not going to hold my breath on that one! But if "murphy" rears his ugly head today- Well, I'm just gonna have to call Mom. She's got Daddy's shotgun- AND I KNOW HOW TO USE IT!
( not really, but it feels good to say it ;-) )
You all try to have a good day. I'll be back later with some pictures, but I DO need to rest for a little while. Take care! Love and Peace, KC!

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