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Sunday, August 14, 2005

Sunday blues!

Well, not really. Except I went out yesterday and bought replacements for some of the herbs that have died/fried in the summer heat. As I started to dig through the main bed I use for herbs, the heat go to me, and I had to stop. I remember last fall, and what pushing myself too hard did, I will NOT go there again. But hey, I have all week- so all is not lost yet.
And another chore on my plate for this week is the garage. Although Jon and I cleaned it out last year, there's still quite a bit of junk that can be pitched out. I've always been a bit of a "pack-rat", and I'm trying to change that. Since I had to clear a spot out there for the freezer ( which Tom delivered this morning BTW) I found that there is a ton of other stuff out there that needs to go to the curb. It would be nice if there were enough room in our garage for at least 1 of our cars, in case of a storm. I mean, it IS a 2 car garage, after all!
The biggie for me this week is Andy's closet. It is a disaster of epic proportions! His idea of cleaning is to just throw everything in it! So I will go in there some day this week, and armed with large "lawn and leave" sized bags - and make Sherman's march to Atlanta seem like a Sunday stroll! Please have pity on my garbage-men this week! I may get my bill doubled for this!!!!
So that's about it in my world. I'm off to surf the net for some ideas for Jon's birthday. I need some really funny "turning 50" stuff to nail him with. And a trip to Spencer's gifts in the local mall. I saw some really good stuff in there not too long ago. I may not be able to make it to the big party, but I want to make sure it's a good time for him. Oh, I forgot to tell you all- my BIL- the one that lives on the river? His wife is my hubby's twin, and he's throwing a big birthday bash for the 2 of them. Unfortunately, with surgery the day before, the chances I'll be up to partying is slim to none. Had I thought about that when I agreed to the date........ Oh well, Jon and the kids will go have fun, and I'll get a full day of peace and rest. Not too bad a trade!
Well, it's thundering outside, so I'd better get off this thing. I'm going to try and get a couple of pictures of the lightening- wish me luck!
Love and Peace, KC

P.S.- WTF? I post this and then 1/2 my blog disappeared? And I post I had deleted yesterday is suddenly showing up again? Scroll down, my Friday post has nothing but the pics, and the font type is different! Strange doings on line today!! I'd better run some things, and make sure it's not "bugs" in my computer that doing in! ACK!

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