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Thursday, August 18, 2005

Up to my arse

In paperwork! God, I can't believe the amount of forms I have to fill out to get my diability started! I guess last fall, someone at work did some of this for me, but Jeez! 3 sets of forms for Walgreens, and 3 for Met-life ( who handle our claims). And I have to have all this faxed to them by tomorrow! Not to mention all the HIPAA forms sent to everyone! Good thing we have a fax machine at work, since I don't own one!

Then I'm meeting the BIL for lunch to give him the "supplies" for the party. I just hope he doesn't mind doing all that decorating. I really feel bad about that part. But hey, I get to have lunch at one of my favorite places- Meg O'Malleys. It's an Irish pub type place here in town. Love that food!

And after midnight tonight, I have to fast for surgery. Nothing to eat or drink at all. Not even a sip of water. Why is it that tomorrow I'll probably be hungier and thirstier than I would be on any other normal day? I have to be at the surgery center by 9am, even though my surgery is not scheduled until 12:30pm. I guess a few tests and such beforehand. Even though I've had them all before, back in January. ** Pauses for DL video on VN-1 classic**

Ok, Where was I? Oh yea, tomorrow. Anyway since I will probably be there all day, I will not be here to post my traditional "Friday Funny". So I will try to do so tonight, before bed. In the meantime, Be good! Oh, and play with "Trey" while I'm gone. He's the cute little bugger on my sidebar. If you stroke him right, he'll even growl for you! And for those of you that don't like the "music" player, just click on a link and it will stop, or hit the stop button on the player. I just like that song! Even if it's caused trouble in our peaceful world- right Rhonda?

have a good day, and I'll be back ( hopefully) later! Peace and Love, KC

P.S.- Just got back from lunch and such. I took my BIL to BJ's to get some stuff for the party. He bought $450 worth of meat and munchies!! I think he's planning on feeding the entire city Saturday! Well, better his wallet than mine!!!!

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