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Monday, August 29, 2005


Is it that my kids have been in school for 2 weeks, and already they have a day off? A "teacher in-school day"?? Not to mention, they have next monday off as well. Sheesh- they have the life, don't they?

I wanted to give you all something special this morning. Something to wake you up, so to speak. I know I've mentioned to you all about an author/book series I've been hooked on since last fall. Well, follow this link: ( Caution, may cause hot flashes, heart flutterings, and a sudden need for a cold shower!) http://www.kinleymacgregor.com/were/news.htm Now, these guys will DEFinately get the blood flowing on a bad morning! Seriously, I just love these books. They are a combination of romance, action, mythology, and FUN! Not like Anne Rice- she's a little too depressing and graphic for me. These books will make you laugh out loud. I can't begin to tell you how many times the kids have shook their heads at me, when I come out with a laugh or comment while reading. You really feel like your right there, in the thick of the story. That's rare in this day and age of "throw-away"fiction. Just wanted to share!

I have been hooked on the weather channel, and MSNBC since yesterday, hoping that New Orleans ( hell, the whole Gulf Coast!) makes it through Katrina. It's a horrible situation down there, and all I can think of is all those people that couldn't get out. My thoughts are with all of them. I've walked a mile in those shoes, and it ain't pretty. One thing though- Do any of you know when Rhonda was scheduled to be back in Little Rock? She may have problems getting home, with the weather headed her way! I'll feel a lot better when I see she's home safe and sound. Not a good way to end what I'm sure was a terrific week for her huh?

I have a somewhat busy day today. I am meeting Kat somewhere this morning. She's working in my neck of the woods today, and I said we could meet for lunch or something. We didn't get the chance to talk last time I saw her ( Kissimmee concert) as Devon was with me, and I didn't want to leave her alone too long. And I promise Tig I'd give her a call today. She leaves to see her grandbaby Weds., and this will be the last time we can talk for a while.

Oh, and I found out last nite that my Mom has a new puppy! A little, 9 week old beagle! Her name is Maggie, and she's supposedly really cute! I can't imagine it though- my 75 year old mother with a puppy! Should be interesting- to say the least. And I know when Becky finds out, she's gonna be pestering me about getting one too. And I just can't see another body fitting in this house, no matter how small it may be. Not to mention the mess. That's all I need, more to clean right?! Well, we'll see. Maybe just playing with Mom's new dog will keep Becky out of my hair for a while ( RIIIIGGGGHHHHT! KC, keep dreaming!)

I have some stuff to do, so I'd better get off this thing. Kimmie is begging me for breakfast, and if I don't put Andy's clothes in the dryer, the poor boy will have to go "commando" to his friend's house. I think he's a bit young for that yet! Have a great day all!
Peace and Love, KC

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