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Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Boring days

I know, but that's what it's like. I can't go shopping- I have no money ( yet!)
I can't garden- can't rip the stitches.
I can't do anything major around the house - see above

Well, now that I've got that out of my system... ;-)

Kat- No, I can't make it. We have a family thing to do on that day ( birthday ) so that comes first. I *may* be over there monday evening however. My favorite author is having a book signing at a B & N on Colonial drive. I just have to convince hubby that I should go. I would LOVE to get her to sign one of my books!!

I thought I'd mention that ( if you look at the blurry picture) that my hair is finally growing back. It's to the point now that it doesn't look like "Chemo head" hair. It's still toooooo short for my taste, but it does look like a very short hairstyle. Now if the rest of my body would just finish healing, I could put the whole experience where it belongs- in my "live and learn" file. I'll still have to take medications, and be checked up on every three months. But at least it will no longer be the main thing in my life. About friggin' time, No?

Andy has joined the school T.V.( in house) news. Right now, he's in charge of the teleprompter ( which, with how he spells- scares the heck out of me!!) But he may be moved up to an Anchor position. He's really excited about the whole process. Perhaps I have a budding Dan Rather on my hands? My son, the reporter! Sorry, having a "Proud Mommy-moment" here *sigh*!

No one has yet guessed the "name that tune" lyrics. Y'all are slacking big-time! So get on the stick- Jules needs some competition!! Not that I care who wins- But the scoreboard is pretty blank at the moment!!

Well, nothing else going on. I'll cruise around and be back later. I'm in the mood to get/find some silly stuff. You've all been warned ;-)
Peace and Love, KC

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