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Tuesday, September 27, 2005

I don't need no stinkin' Title!!!

Andy in front of a shuttle.

This is one of the prototypes that never flew, but they let the public into to see what they're really like. Let me tell you, the crew compartment is smaller than my livingroom. If I were crammed in there with 6 other people, I'd go mad! I tried to take some pictures of the inside, but it was waaaay too dark. You've already seen the one that came out. Sorry!

Well, I'm still waiting to hear if my Disability has been extended. They still have my paperwork "in process". Which is driving me looney, because tomorrow is the end of the initial period I was approved for. Which means, if I am NOT approved for an extention, I'll have to do some fancy maneuvers to get myself back to work. Put Thurs. & Friday on as vacation days ( I guess?), and then get them to put me back on the schedule for next week. Which will suck, since I will still have this stupid wound on my..er..you know. I don't know how I will be able to change my bandages in our "public restroom" while at work. Not to mention the fact that if I sweat, and it goes *there*, I'll be in some serious pain!! I know I'm probably worrying over nothing, but still.....! Oh and because my payments are so far behind, I figured out that I will be getting 2 paychecks when I get back to work. They'll still owe me for my disability, while I'll be earning my regular pay. Silly, No?
Anyway, I hope I get that phone call soon, cause the "not knowing" is gonna drive me NUTS! ( I know, I already am a nut, but right now I'm worse than normal!!)

*edit* I just got off the phone with Walgreens Payroll. I won't be "booted" off for at least another week. And she said since my paperwork is already "in process", it shouldn't be a problem. Still, the waiting is making me nervous. So keep those finger's crossed for me please!!

I'm thinking about going down to the store ( Wal-mart), and picking up Viv's new CD. I don't know whether they'll have it here ( ours just sucks when it comes to CD's!). I may have to wait, and go down to Best Buy. Then again, there's always Amazon.com! Yea, there's the ticket! It's just too hot outside to go anywhere, and I really don't feel like getting dressed at the moment. (well, I'm dressed, just not for public consuption!) And then I'm going organize some photos I found. They've been hiding in a box for YEARS! Most of them are from college, and around the time Jon and I first got married. So I've got my "project-du-jour". I'll be back later, to check on you all!
Peace and Love, KC

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