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Thursday, September 29, 2005

I've made some decisions.....

AKA- Moon Jeep!

Well, I've decided I'm not going to sweat the darn insurance stuff. If I get approved, so be it. If not, well, I'll just deal! I've talked to a few people, and they can't really see how Metlife would make me go back to work, when I'm still not "done healing" anyway. I mean- what would happen if I re-opened the wound. Or it got infected because I couldn't properly take care of it? So I think everything will work out. I'll just wait and see.

I'm going out running around with Mom today. I think I'm gonna look for a better Video burning program. I just can't seem to get my Roxio to work right. Every file I try to put on there from my computer, it states that it may not work in a DVD player. I've got this darn thing full of videos, and I'd like to burn them and clean some of my hard drive up. But I don't want to just lose them outright. I have some overseas DL interviews and stuff that are really cool, and I'd like to be able to have them for my collection. So if there are any of you that have any recomendations, let me know.

And I found out something neat the other day. I don't usually watch Oprah ( I'm not usually home then) but she's doing something kinda neat. Instead of taking cash donations, she is allowing you to buy something. It can be as small as a toaster- or a whole house!! And then she'll get it to the Katrina victims ( Via her "Angels Network"). I think along with the Habitat for Humanity people, this is a great idea. At least you know EXACTLY what your money's going for! All you do is go to www.oprah.com, and go to her "Katrina houses" link. I intend to buy some towels or something, as soon as I get paid. I mean, I gave to the Red Cross and all, but this is something tangible, something personal I can do.

Well, I guess I've bored you all enough for today. I'll be back around later to see you all. Have a great day! Peace and Love, KC

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