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Thursday, September 01, 2005

My day in HELL!

I swear, I thought I was going to have a peaceful day yesterday. Just run some errands with Mom, come home, relax. NOT!

First, let me say that the lice problem with Kimmie is still there. I keep treating her hair( along with all the other precautions like spraying the house,washing the linens etc), but she gets to school, and picks up more! Anyway, I dropped her off at school ( via the nurse's office. If a child leaves due to head lice, they must be "examined" before they can come back. She was, and declared clean). about 11:15 my phone rings. It's the school nurse. He said she had been scratching, and her teacher wanted her out! So back to pick her up, and after a discussion with the nurse where I mentioned the fact that we both know she was good when she came in, he promised to have a discussion with her teacher. He and I both feel that there must be a child in her class that is infested, and possibly is so used to them that they don't scratch. Unfortunatly, for some reason the school can not do any "blanket" head checks, so until we find the "source", Kimmie's up a creek! But I and said nurse are very concerned about using the shampoo's for this so much. After all, it is a pesticide, and could harm her skin if overdone. I've told him that if it happens again, I want a meeting with the principal. I am not going to put Kimmie through any more of this, to the detriment of HER health. Nope, not me. I just hope it doesn't come to that.

Anywho, we picked herself up, and went to get a bite to eat. While heading home, I get ANOTHER call from the school. It seems my less-than-graceful son Andy had an accident on the playground. They have a "balance-beam" out there, and Andy fell, landing on his CHEST on the bar! He's ok now, but he has a nasty bruise right across his rib cage. But he almost knocked himself out in the fall, and scared the heck out of his teacher. All I could think was; "who's idea was it to have kids again, oh yeah! Jon's toast!" I love my kids- don't get me wrong! But day's like yesterday really get to you. Needless to say, I told the nurse this morning-" no offense, but I hope I DON'T see you again for awhile!" He smiled, and heartly agreed. He said while I've been a real trouper through all this, he understands completely! AMEN to that!

And of course, because of all the chaos of laundry, cleaning ( in general, and due to the "bug" situation) I think I've ripped a stitch or something **sigh**. I am "leaking" again, and have my one side packed with gauze. So today I'm going to sit, relax, and pray that the phone doesn't ring. 'Cause if it does, I may look a little like this:

Pray I don't go there!
The only good thing that happened is I fixed this darn blog!! New song- name that tune!!!!!! ( round 2- of course!)

Hope you all have a better day! Peace and Love, KC

**edit by me**
(I almost forgot! Horror of horrors!)

Happy Anniversary to my friend, lover, soul and heart. If not for you, Jon, my life would not be complete. I love you more than that day 21 years ago, when we took those first steps together. I pray we have at LEAST 21 more! Karen

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