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Wednesday, September 07, 2005

A new song for you all!!

And maybe this one will not cause my daughter to turn down the headphones. It's one of the albums we have that I actually have her turn up! I just like it- so shoot me!

Well, Andy just informed me last nite that he has nothing to wear. It seems the boy is going through one of those dreaded "growth spurts", were everything that fit last week is now too small. So I am dragging "Nanny" out with me, and we'll see what I can find. She works at a dept. store ( Beall's, if any of you have heard of it) and she get's a really good discount. So hopefully, I won't have to break my budget to re-clothe the boy. I knew it was coming, since he wears the same size shoe as his dad, but is only a little under 5 foot tall right now. But I have to do something- he only has 3 pair of pants that fit him!!

And we have to go by Pet's mart. Shadow needs new dishes, and lead for the backyard. She broke the last one, although it was pretty old, and didn't take much effort on her part! Mom also gets her new puppy on Saturday, so I'm sure she'll need some stuff as well. Let's just hope I don't see any "strays" that need a good home. I'm in that kind of mood, I just may cave!

On to the good stuff- DL! I see some more tour dates coming out. I even saw one in California ( KIM!!). I'm not really holding out any hope for more Fl. dates though- they had 4 of them the first time around. They really did cover the whole state already, and there are so many places that they haven't gone to yet. Which is ok by me, since I really have to pay off all the bills from those shows, + our vacation. I don't think that Jon will allow any more "Lep-treks" until we're a bit more solvent. So maybe next summer, Huh? At least we know it's not going to be another 3-year-gap between tours again. Thank goodness!

Well, I'd better get my stuff together, and go meet Mom. I'll catch you all later
Oh, and Jude? Tomorrow for sure ;-)
Peace and Love, KC!

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