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Wednesday, September 28, 2005


I just recieved a call from Metlife. They've only extended my disability through Friday!! She said it was because the paperwork the Dr. sent was "vague"??? I have my next appointment Friday morning, and then they are supposed to send the notes from the visit to Metlife. THEN maybe they'll extend me further. Jeez, don't give me any time for a "plan B" if necessary. I mean, they'll already have the schedule at work made up, so if I'm not extended, I'm basically F*cked! The *only* good thing is that my caseworker said as soon as she gets the additional paperwork, she'll jump right on it- and call me as soon as it's decided. So I won't spend the whole weekend worrying if I don't have to. I think I have some vacation days left I could use, but I had hoped to save them for emergency purposes ( like the kids getting sick, additional dr's appointments, etc). Now I have to wait and pray again. SHIT,SHIT,SHIT!
A question for you all. I have used Winmx for about a year or so. I've gotten some really good "bootleg" mp3's and video clips off of there ( I DO NOT DOWNLOAD commercially available music/video/etc!! ONLY stuff you can't buy!). But apparently Winmx is off line indefinately ( from what I read, the RIAA got to them). So do you all know of any other P2P programs that I could use. I've heard about some having alot of spyware/virus/crap on them, So I just don't want to pick one randomly. And you all know the type of stuff I'd want ( DL mainly, with various other artist thrown in ) So any suggestions? I tried Warez, but all they have is the regular "comercially available" stuff, and I won't touch that. No bootleg stuff at all. Since I don't have a lot of stuff that I can use on a "trade" site, this is the only way I can get these things.

Well, I'm gonna go blast some music. Or watch a comedy DVD. Anything to get me out of this pissy mood I've been put in. Did you know- I actually offered to e-mail that nurse at Metlife a picture of my "wound"?? Just so she'd know I wasn't faking it!!??? Sheesh. I wish I could work in the garden. I'm in the right mood to attack weeds right now!!! I guess I'll have to settle for the "dust bunnies" in my house.
I'll come back later, when I'm calmer.

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