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Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Something that makes you go HMMMMM!

Borrowed with permission from Monique:
If you go to Google's homepage, type in the word "failure"- then hit the "I feel lucky" key. this is what comes up: CLICK HERE

OK, I have to run by my store. It seems that my disability payments ( not that I've seen any yet!!) are due to end next Weds. And I don't even see dr. B until next FRIDAY! So I have to get them to extend my time off, or I'll be in big trouble. I'll be back later to see if any of you tried my little "something"
Til later- Peace, KC


OK- I'm back!
Let's hope that paperwork gets processed asap, or your's truly will be up *that* creek without a paddle, heading for Niagra Falls!! Going a whole month, on 1 week's pay, is not my idea of fun. Poor Tom, he heard about it an offered to go get his checkbook ( bless him!) and write me a check. Which I may have to do if I don't see any of my money by Friday. I'm not going to charge another weeks groceries- damn-it! That shouldn't have to happen!

Well, Rita may be headed west, but I think she's left some of herself behind. I swear it has been thundering and raining all morning long. Which is not conducive of any energy on my part. Now that I've got the "big" project out of the way( and with the help of Waste Management- really GONE!) I had another in mind. I have a walk-in closet, with a bunch of spare room. And since I bought some extender shelves last week (thinking that Andy would need them- and he doesn't now) I thought to use them for bookshelves inside my closet. I just don't have that many clothes, and a TON of books. Especially by my 3 favorites. Since these authors have "series" type lines, I thought I could commit a shelf for each, and keep them in order. That way, I can "fill in the blanks" that I have for each, without shuffling through stacks of books. But I just can't seem to get myself together today to do anything. BLEH!

Well, I'm going to go find something to brighten up this dull day. A message to Traci- STAY SAFE SWEETIE! We'll all ( I'm sure!) Be praying that Rita leaves you and yours the heck alone!Along with the rest of the Gulf Coast- they've just plain had enough! I think I can say I know a bit about that ;-)
Peace and Love to you all, KC

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