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Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Big & Rich had it right!

Now, I ask you- what comes to mind when you see this picture?

Another Dark Hunter for you, his name is Sundown. Yea, I know I said I would not post anymore pics like this, but Rhonda seemed a little disappointed soo........ :-)
( all together now: " Save a horse, ride a Cowboy" lol!)

It's cold! I mean, not for all of you, but we went from 87 one day, to 50 the next! That's one of the problems with the winters down here. Your system doesn't get the chance to adjust to the temps. One day hot, the next cold. I guarantee that the store will be full of sick people within 2 days. Bleh! At least I'm not there to get sneezed at! And all I have for a coat is a hoodie-sweatshirt. Looks like I'll have to break down and find a better coat. I saw a nice one online, but it cost too dear. Champagne taste on a beer budget- That's me!

Jon's taking the next few days off, and I'm gonna get to work on those neglected flower/veggie beds of mine. I was going to do it on my own, but I really shouldn't do THAT much yet. And since the weathers cooler, he shouldn't give me too much trouble helping out. He just hates to work outside around the house. Which I can kind-of understand. I mean, he works out in that heat ALL DAY for his job- why the heck would he want to do it during his time off? But I can't handle all the digging/hauling on my own, so he's going to have to help me out here. Plus, he will want to have a say in what I plant. So he'd better "put up- or shut up!" Plus, we have some Bouganvilla bushes on the south side of our house that need trimming. Those things are beautiful, but they have huge thorns about 2 inches long on them. And I'm still under orders not to get myself cut up ( infections are still a no-no!) So I need him to do it. Besides, he's the one with the leather work gloves and Machete in his work truck!

Anyway, what I was getting at ( while allowing my mind/fingers to wander) is that if you don't see me around as much this weekend, you'll know why. I'll have to fight Jon for time on this thing, even in the morning ( when I normally have it all to myself!) Bear with me- I'll get here eventually!
Have a great "Hump Day" all,
Peace and Love, KC

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