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Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Just a little something

To put a smile on your faces ( my apologies to the male readers of my blog!)

yummy,yummy! That's from the Dark Hunter books site. There's all kinds of good looking men's pictures over there. Be sure to bring a bib, if you go!

I went out with Mom & Rae yesterday. Went to lunch, and did a little shopping ( mom sat in the car, since she's not supposed to walk on her foot yet!) Had a lot of fun, and got some Christmas gifts in the little "old downtown" section of Melbourne. I love the shops down there. I was feeling a bit guilty, as I had planned on saving my money for this weekend. They are having an Arts & Crafts Festival down there, and I usually like to shop at those. But since this coming weekend is looking like a total washout, I'm glad I didn't hold back. Which brings me to....

** uses best Fred Flintstone voice** WILMA! Sheesh, is the season over soon, cause I think everyone has had enough of these storms. On the one hand, I'm glad to see that it's not heading into the Gulf. I mean, I think Texas/Louisiana/Alabama have had enough! But then again, so have we! I'm actually, as it stands now, not in too much danger. The storm is pretty compact, and I'm far enough north ( this is a LOOOONNNGGG state!) that I'll probably only get tropical storm affects. But Tig, and DeflepKim will be right in the "firing range"! Kim is in Miami, and Tig is in West Palm Beach ( well, a little town west of there, but you get my drift!) They are much further south than we are, and I hope you two are getting ready. I'll try and find that old graphic of mine, and let you all see the "lay of the land" so to speak. But as we all know, things could change between now and Saturday/Sunday. It could turn and hit somewhere entirely different. "If the front weakens, If the prevailing winds shift.."- YADA, YADA! So, cross your fingers for us down here in the good old Sunshine state. 'Cause here we go AGAIN!

Other than that, not a lot going on in my world. All the little things I wanted to get done are now on temporary hold, since most involve either lots of trash ( which I can not leave outside, as our next pick up is supposed to be Saturday) Or yard work. I can't see planting new plants outside with a storm coming, since they'll just be turned into projectiles. So I guess I'll have to find something to do inside. Maybe upload some more of my CD's on my I-Pod. Becky is laughing her arse off at me, because she has twice the music on her's than I have on mine, and she's only had her's for 3 months. Yea, that sounds like a plan. I also have to make sure the house stays clean, since I *may* have company this weekend. If the storm comes close enough, my Mom and Rae will be evacuated, and we all know where they'll be headed!

Have a great "hump day"! I'll try to post that graphic, and let you all know what's up as we find out.
Peace and Love, KC

Ok, "here we are",

As you can see, they're alot closer to the predicted path than I am. Most of the rest of my friends live further north than I do. Kat lives in Orlando, as does Pete. Janine lives in Ocala, so she's farthest from the storm ( as it stands now) Marshall, a friend from college, lives over on the West Coast somewhere, but I'm not sure where ( Janine- HELP!?). I just hope he's not in the path. Well, if wishes were coins, we'd all be rich!
Peace, KC

P.S.- I changed the song on here. It's appropriate, don't you think?? ;-)

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