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Monday, October 24, 2005

Update- FYI

It's about 9 am, and we've already had 3 tornados touch down in the area. My backyard is a lake, but as you can tell, we still have power. We're ok here, aside from a small leak in the roof, which thankfully is in the garage. I'm sure we can fix it, once the storm passes.
I hope that Kimmy( Deflepkim) and Tig are Ok, since they've been getting the hurricane winds already. I won't see them for another hour or so.

I just thought you'd all like to know. I'll update this as I can. Or if we lose power ( I've heard some transformers go, so it's likely!) I'll text Steph and Kim ( 9'er Kim, that is) to keep you all from worrying. But the winds are picking up, and I'd better get off this thing!

At least when this is over, I hear our "summer" will be over. Tomorrow they say the high will only be in the 60's! WOO HOO!!
Love and Peace, KC
* currently wearing her water-wings* ;-)

* update 11am*
Oh my lord! The rain is coming down sideways, and my ENTIRE backyard is flooded. Thankfully, it's draining down the side of the yard out to the street, so I don't think it will get in/on the back porch. I've tken some pictures, but until the storm is over, I'm very hesitant to stay on this thing for long. Our cable connection keeps going in and out, though we haven't lost anything for very long.

One sad little thing- there is a nest in one of our trees out back, and there is a little birdie stuck in there. She/he has been chirping like mad, but we don't dare try to wade out to fetch it. Aside from the fact that mom won't take it back, the water is too deep, and there could be slitherey "critters" in there. I'm not risking having a close encounter with a "Cotton Mouth", just to save the bird. He's made it this far, and I'm sure mom isn't too far away.

Hope to talk at you all soon! Peace, KC

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