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Thursday, October 06, 2005

Well, so much for more pictures...

..Since Photobucket is M.I.A. So I'll tell you about a little "problem" we're having. Actually, problem is not the right word, but you'll see.

I was in the kitchen the other day, and for once the radio was off. I normally have some music playing while I'm alone, but whatever. I heard a "tapping" at the slider door that leads to our back porch. At first, I didn't think anything about it. But it started to get louder - and of course, being all alone, I thought someone was trying to break in ( heavy curtains prevented me from seeing outside from where I was at!) So, being the semi-resourceful person that I am, I grabbed one of our 7 in chef's knives, & with my cell phone open in the other hand ready to hit 911, I slowly made my way to the doors.( picture if you will me doing my best ** enter your favorite cop show** moves here! BTW - would their hands shake?) The tapping continues, and I reach the curtains. Taking a deep breath I WHIP open the curtains-------------

There is a Morning Dove pecking at the door!! WTF? And it keeps coming back!? He/she has been tapping at our door for the past week or so. Now, what could possibly possess it to do this? And how silly do I feel? I mean, I've spent a considerable time alone in the house since childhood ( you get used to it being an only child). But I'd never been that scared before! And I still get jumpy when it happens ( as it did this morning!) How do I get this bird to stop? I mean, it's not like there's anything that looks edible/interesting on the backside of those curtains?? Interesting, to say the least. I have filled the bird feeder in the back yard, in the hopes it will draw our little friend away. I just hope it doesn't invite more birds to join in. Like I need that on my nerves lol!

So, if you have any ideas, let me know! I'll be back later, and hopefully Photobucket will come back to life!
Peace and Love, KC

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