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Monday, October 24, 2005

We're ok! ( updated)

Although I'll be glad to see this hurricane season go "buh-bye"!
My backyard- around 8 am:

A little water, but not much.

My backyard, around Noon:

OUCH! ( yes, those are my crappy, overgrown veggie beds in the forground. Since the temps are down in the 60's, that's the first thing I'm hitting this week!)

Out the front door, around noon as well:

Note the water flying off the corner of our roof, and the horizontal rain!

We didn't lose power for more than a few minutes, although we could hear transformers popping all over the place. And the roads into our neighborhood were flooded, which meant that if we needed to "make a run for it"- we'd have needed a boat! But it's all run off now, and things should get back to normal. Tig and Kim got the worst of it, although Brevard County was the only place ( reported so far) that had some tornados. I'm just glad Wilma was moving at a fast speed, or I could be up to my a** in water as we speak. Now I know why we spent so much money on fill dirt when we built our house. Darn glad we did!
I'll catch you all tomorrow. Thanks for all you prayers and good vibes! As usual, they worked :-)
Peace and Love, KC

** Tuesday AM Update**
Well, I got the pictures fixed. Apparently, Photobucket was as fouled up as Haloscan yesterday. Could it be that their mainframes are located in Miami? Possible. Anywho, the water is all gone now, and the main roads from our house are clear. Aside from the temperatures ( which are a toasty 60 degrees- which is down from 87 just two days ago!) we're back to normal in my neighborhood.

I've changed the video, and also the "scrolling lyrics". If any of you can't guess them, well, as Michael would put it- I'll have to come and "slap you with a Carp!"
Have a great day everyone! Peace KC

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