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Monday, November 28, 2005

Another Monday...

One of the giraffes, at the Zoo. ( and you thought it would be another one of *those* pictures- didn't you!)

Well, my house still looks like a bomb hit. Actually, it was 3- but I digress. We've decided, after finding more dead critters lying about yesterday, to leave the cabinets and pantry emptied. We'll spray again this week and hopefully we won't have to do it again for awhile. But in the meantime- my pantry supplies are out in the garage on the storage shelves, and my dishes are, well, see below:

So we're living sort of out of kilter for a few days. And of course, having the house in a state of upheaval, we didn't get the Christmas decorations up as I had planned. So that will have to wait until next weekend. I can't even get to the supplies right now! they are buried behind the pantry stuff, out in the garage....*SIGH*.

I was reading the newspaper yesterday and saw an article that had me angry. ( No- not about the national news- that's Jon's "rant-turf"!) Apparently, there have been a rash of robberies lately. And the "venue" of said thefts have me upset. There is apparently a group of people, that are lying in wait at daycare centers. While the parents ( mostly mom's - obviously) are inside, dropping off/ picking up their kids, these scum are stealing purses and other valuables from in the unlocked cars. They have even broken windows to get to stuff! They haven't been caught because they pick daycares that don't have parking lot cameras. (Most don't, since they spend that kind of monies on cameras for INSIDE the daycare!) So this is a warning for those of you who ( like me ) have a child in daycare. Do not leave your purse in the car! This is not the time of year that any of us needs that kind of hassle! ( not that we need it at anytime in the year!) I just hope they catch these weasles!

Well, another week of work is ahead of us ( except for Lexy- Lucky girl!) So I'll leave you all with a thought for the day:

"can I get you some coffee darling?"

**** snicker snicker- EEEEVVVIIILLLL*****

Peace and Love to all! KC :-)

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