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Monday, November 21, 2005

Anyone want to take a shower?

I know, I'm EVIL!

Well, I'm DEFinately working Thanksgiving. But it's ok really. As I said, at least that puts me out of the running for the Christmas shifts, and since Mom's foot is still bothering her, she wasn't planning on cooking anyway. So we'll just probably go by my "river BIL's" house after I get off work. And Jon was pissed about it, but after I mentioned ( several times mind!) that I really hadn't worked an "important" holiday ( Thanksgiving, X-Mas, New Years) in almost 4 years, he had to agree that I was "due". And the extra pay will help with my "Santa" activities in the next few weeks.

Well, let's see- what's new in my world? Oh, we went to "Wally-World" over the weekend, and I finally got my printer/scanner/copier that I wanted. It was on sale for $49! So the next day/days I have off ( without the family around that is!) I'm going to start playing around with the scanner. I'd like to take a lot of my old pictures, and load them up and put them on CD's. That way, if we ever get hit with a big storm, or something like that- I'll have them! And I'll be able to share some more "memories" with you all. So be prepared!

And Jon found out about his company's Christmas party. Apparently, his boss is hiring a bus, and taking us all over to Orlando. There is an Argentinian Steak house over there, that's supposed to be "THE PLACE". I don't know anything about them, but it should be an interesting time. Hell, his boss is always having cool Christmas parties, so I'm looking forward to it. At least this year I'll get to enjoy it, since last year I was in the midst of Chemo and couldn't eat! But the kids are pissed that they're not invited. Thankfully, my other B & SIL have a "Family Christmas party" that day, so they will be "borrowing" our's for the occasion. So no worries about them!

Work has been a madhouse as usual, with all the people trying to get their RX's early due to vacations. I can't understand how people who need medication to survive can wait until the last minute- LITERALLY! to get them refilled. And of course:
1- Have no refills!
2- Insurance will not pay for them ( and they cost major $'s)
3- can't wait the 1/2 hour it will take for us to fill the darn things!( this happened yesterday, all of the above AND they were on their way to the flippin' airport!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! )
And we just found out that they've cut payroll hours AGAIN! Another 30 hours per week ( another whole tech gone!) They claim that we ( Walgreens) lost SOO much money because of Hurricane Katrina, that we need to make up the monies. WTF? So they cut hours right in the middle of the biggest sales season of the year??? What are they thinking???!!! AND- word came down from the District Manager, that we are under NO CIRCUMSTANCES to order any extra merchandise from outside sources. Which means if we don't have a drug in stock- and we can't get it from the warehouse, the customer is S.O.L.?! No, NOT IN THIS LIFE! I told Tom I'm not buying this. I will order the darn drugs, and if the DM wants to fire me- SO BE IT! I go that one step further. If there are any complaints about this new "policy", I'm going to give the customer in question the DM's phone #! I'm not about to take the heat for this, when it is not my fault. Nope, NOT HAPPENING! Let's see how long this new "policy" stays in effect, when his phone starts ringing! Not long, I'll wager! I'll get his sorry ass for this, just you wait! With my credentials, and experience, I could get a job in a "NY second"! Hell, I'll go work for Tom when he leaves. SCREW my retirement! I'm not going to have someones health on my conscience, just because of the almighty dollar!-no F'cking way!

( sorry, off my soapbox now. I'm just so mad at the "suits" that forget what it's like to work in the stores, and deal with the public!)

Well, I'd better quit here, and go visit you all. I haven't been on this thing all weekend, and I'm sure I've missed some stuff. So I'll catch you all later.
Have a great week! Peace and Love, KC

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